Embracing my creativity

22nd March 2016

Embracing my creativity

If I had to describe myself as a child I would say I was quiet, shy and creative. I loved being alone and doing something artistic, whether that be drawing, painting, colouring or crafting.

Art was my favourite subject at primary school and I’m grateful that I had teachers who encouraged my creativity. I remember times when my teachers would allow me to spend extra time on art projects when everyone else had to go back to doing “academic” work. I even won a creative arts award in my final year of primary school.

When I started secondary school I lost a lot of interest in art. My teachers weren’t so encouraging and there was no individual support. I also wasn’t being as creative in my spare time as I was a typical miserable teenager, playing with Piczo (which I suppose was a little bit creative). So once it came time to picking subjects for my GCSEs I dropped art. I did take graphics, which was a very creative subject, but I found it difficult because I was so harsh on myself. I was out of practice and I didn’t feel like I was good as I use to be.

And being critical of myself is a serious issue I have.

Then I went to college and university where I studied science based subjects, so I barely spent any time doing creative things, and I really do think that had a negative impact on my happiness.

Now that I have graduated and I have more time on my hands I’m starting to embrace my creativity again in various different ways…

Web design/development

In a way, I have a creative job. I still feel like I’m being creative when building websites, even if I have nothing to do with the design process. I’m creating websites, and I love being able to take a bit of code and turn it into something beautiful.

I would love to be able to design websites as well as I build them so I’m hoping to work on my skills over the next few years. Practice makes perfect, right?


Blogging is a very creative hobby when you think about it. It involves writing, photography, editing photos and creating graphics.

I’m not very confident with writing and turning my thoughts into words on paper (I’ll be sharing a post about that soon), but it is something that I really enjoy.


Photography is a hobby that I have grown to love since purchasing my DSLR back in summer 2014. Before this I had owned digital cameras (compact and bridge) but I wasn’t very creative with my photos. I’m so lucky to have Tyrone who is also into photography so he taught me how to use the manual settings properly which means I can really get the most out of my camera.

I know a lot of people who feel like they can’t draw or paint love photography as it allows them to be creative and produce beautiful images in a different way…and I think this is why I love it too.

Colouring books

I love using colouring in books, not just because they help with my anxiety but also because they allow me to be a little bit creative.

I guess colouring is not quite as creative as other hobbies such as drawing or painting, but I think that it’s something we can all do without any practice, and we all get some level of satisfaction out of it.

Home & Garden

I see my new house and garden as projects for me to creative with, and I’m really looking forward to working on some DIY projects in the next few months.

For instance, there is a mirror that was left behind by the previous tenant of my house and I have plans to up-cycle it in the summer. I’ve never up-cycled anything before and this seems like a good project to start with. I would also love to up-cycle the wardrobe, which was also left behind by the tenant, but I don’t think it’s actually made from wood so it probably wouldn’t work!


I find scrapbooking so therapeutic and relaxing. When ever I get back from a trip I edit all of my photos and then order prints online so I can use them to create a scrapbook.

I’ve wrote about my scrapbooks both here and here, and I’ve also mentioned before that I’m not that creative when it comes to styling a scrapbook, but I’m always pleased with the final product and I love the process of producing them.


I got into sewing when my mum first bought me a cross stitch kit when I was still in primary school. Then when I was at school I really enjoyed my textiles lessons and using the sewing machines.

In the last couple of years I’ve got back into sewing and last year I bought myself a sewing machine. I’ve not had much reason to use it yet but I am dying to make myself a cosplay costume (or two) as I really want to cosplay at a comic con. So I’m looking forward to playing around with some sewing sometimes in the near future.

How do you embrace your creative side?

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  1. I studied science in high school and I thought that was going to be my career! Unfortunately nope. But I know I would have done a degree similar to yours if did. I was ‘lucky’ that I got a chance to be creative throughout all my jobs so far. In a way that has translated to my hobbies. Even though what I do at work doesn’t get completely creative, I use the same skills to work on my blog and photography.

    I haven’t ever gotten into sewing but I didn’t mind learning to mend my clothes or add things to my clothes or bags. I was thinking of making my own skirts since they can be easy to make. As for scrapbooking I love how it looks, but it gets expensive! I looked at al the supplies I wanted to buy and it was just… pricey.

    I do, however, buy supplies for cards. I love hand-making my birthday/Christmas cards. I spent about $36 at the beginning of the year for a few packs of nice paper – I’m trying to see if that will get me through the year. Because I did spend about the same amount of money on a pack of paper and it got me through three Christmases!

  2. Honestly, GCSE Art at my school for me was the most uncreative thing I’ve ever studied. I tried to always do something different and abstract, creative… But my teachers were always like, “nope!! It’s not on the marking scheme!!!!” So this alone made me drop it at A Level even though I achieved an A* at GCSE Level.

    From then, I hadn’t done anything creative – I went on to do two years at sixth form doing science based subjects and now I’m studying a very technical science led subject. I have to admit, I am much happier doing creative things such as web development and design. I find happiness embracing creativity and recently, an employer has seen this creativity in me and decided to give me an internship over Easter. I have to say since then, I’ve been really embracing my creative side! 🙂 I plan on trying to get creativity and science together though, it can happen! 😉

    I love colouring books, sewing, photography and blogging! All of them really relax me and put me in a better mood than I was before I started doing them for sure 😉

  3. You’re absolutely correct that blogging is a creative endeavours that encompasses a lot more than just writing! Of course, writing is a form of creativity, but when combined with other skills like photography, photo editing, and et cetera. That bit really struck me to be like a eye-opening thing. XD;

    I’m with you in that uni really occupied my life to where I couldn’t do a lot with creativity. Well, sort of. I did embrace creativity with my English lit and creative writing classes, but not in the ways I wanted to. I still managed to do things like writing fanfics, blogging, and whatnot, but in the long run, those suffered as I placed a higher priority on my education. But when I finished uni and then my postgraduate studies, I embraced the abundance of free time and explored all the creativity I could.

    For a long time I dabbled in fanfic writing, but now I’ve moved away from that. Now my creativity takes in form of blogging, photography, piano playing, and coming up with new ideas for programming in my workplace , if that counts, haha! I’m not much for else. I’ve tried the colouring book thing, but nope. Scrapbooking and sewing? Uh, nope. I tend to be more of a consumer of information most of the time myself XD

    Good luck with all your creative endeavours! It’s always good to keep your mind active. Creativity is something that will never die out :3

  4. You have so many different interests, it’s fab.
    I like doing the same thing, try new things to create and do. I recently bought fabric hardener and I can’t wait to try it. Cooking is another way to express my creativity.

  5. Shaw

    It’s really sad when education gets in the way of creativity. Even when they have creative lessons like Art, or Food and Nutrition, sometimes the teachers are so bogged down by helping us achieve good grades that they ignore self-expression, which is the whole point of creativity in the first place.

    One good thing about being creative is that you’re able to fully utilise the things that you have, such as with your home. It’s something to embrace 🙂

    I mostly just write and do a bit of videography. I like to think I put enough effort into choosing what to wear as well. That’s another way I embrace my creative side.