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16th February 2014

I know, I know, I haven’t blog in forever. I’ve been swamped with uni work but now I finally have a little bit of free time before I get a shed load more work.

It’s field trip madness at uni at the moment. So far this semester I’ve been to Spain and Wales, and this coming week I have a guided tour of Liverpool (not that I need it) and a trip to the beach with the worst weather in the world, West Kirby. And field trips = field reports. Ugh.

Fortunately I have most of my Spain related work out of the way already. I score 72% (a 1st) on my notebook of observations from Spain which I was over the moon with. I really struggled with the Spain trip, both physically and mentally. Having to take a day off to rest may seem ideal but it’s depressing. I would rather have been spending time with my friends. I’ve also just submitted a report/literature review/essay relating to the Spain trip. Nobody really knew what we were suppose to be doing, even though I emailed the lecture to ask what the task was. I still don’t know and I’ve just submitted it. Hopefully whatever I’ve produced is right.

The final part of our Spain work is group work. Unfortunately we don’t get to choose our groups and so we have to work in tutor groups. I’ve been so unlucky with the selection of people in my group. There think they are ‘too cool for school’ and that coursework isn’t ‘hip’ or something. I’ve messaged them like 100 times and tried to organise meetings, yet nobody replies. We use Facebook so you can see when someone in the group has seen something so they are just being ignorant. I’ve complained to my tutor about it. If they don’t do the work then we get a shit grade. It’s so unfair. Fortunately we do get to give anonymous feedback about each member and rate their performance on a scale of 0 to 5 (5 being hard worker, 0 being an absolute lazy twat). Everyone except two other people will be getting 0. Clearly I am not a happy bunny about this.

I went to see the Lego movie on Valentines Day. I didn’t go and see it for Valentines though. Tyrone and I went out the night before for a meal at a nice Italian place we found. Going out for a meal on Valentines is a rip off and they usually have set menus too so the vegetarian option (for Tyrone) is usually pretty limited. I have to say the Lego movie was pretty awesome although in parts I thought it was a little too deep for a children’s film. The cinema was full of adults seeing the movie so we didn’t feel too childish about seeing it.

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  1. Group work is ridiculous in university, there’s always one nobhead who doesn’t pull their weight, sounds like more than one in your group though! That’s such a shame. I hope they start to work so you can relax a bit more =[

    Sorry to hear you struggled with Spain, hopefully you won’t have to experience something like that again, and hopefully the weather perks up! West Kirby’s a really nice beach usually, if the weather is that bad you shouldn’t have to go. I got sent home from work on the docks the other day because they thought the roof was going to blow off.

    I think I’m going to see the Lego movie on Wednesday, looking forward to it!

    • Yep, 6 out of 9 are lazy arses! I managed to get some advice from my tutor on motivating them which has really helped me. 🙂

      I’ve never actually been to West Kirby when the weather is nice. Maybe I should make a trip there is the summer.

  2. Cat

    The traveling part of field trips sound nice, but the field reports don’t! I’m glad you did well on your notebook, even if the trip didn’t go so well.

    Ugh, group work can be so annoying. I like them when I can choose who to work with; otherwise, it’s all luck on whether you get good people. Sorry to hear that the people in your group aren’t contributing. I hope you won’t be penalized for it =/ Good luck with that!

    I saw the Lego movie too! I really liked it!