DIY text pillows (Big Spoon, Little Spoon)

9th October 2014

DIY text pillows

Way back in July I added a set of pillow cases to my monthly wish list. As much as I wanted them, the price tag put me off (Β£25 for the set). I questioned “How hard can they be to make?”. Today I discovered that they’re actually super easy to make.

They might not look quite as good as the ones from Not On The Highstreet, but they cost me less than Β£5 to make!! Swings and roundabouts really. πŸ˜›

DIY text pillows

To make your own, you will need:

  • Iron on printer paper (I got mine from eBay)
  • Pillow cases
  • An iron
  • A printer

Firstly I created my text in Photoshop. I used a font that kind of looks like my handwriting; the same one I use in the empfire header (Throw My Hands Up In The Air). If you have a drawing tablet available to use you could always use your own handwriting.

Because it’s a transfer you will need to flip the text so that it is printed the correct way when you iron it on. To do this in Photoshop go to Image > Image Roation > Flip Canvas Horizontal.


Next, print your image on to the iron on printer paper, following the instructions that come with the paper.


Allow your transfers to dry for around 10 minutes before cutting them out. I left quite a larger border on mine just to be on the safe side, but if I were doing this again I’d be brave and leave a border of just 1 or 2 cm around the text.


Again, follow the instructions on your printer paper to find out how to iron on your text. It’s best to use your iron on a high temperature and iron onto a flat surface. I placed a thick piece of card on my ironing board and ironed on to that.

Make sure you have ironed your pillow cases before applying the paper to ensure that there are no wrinkles in the text when it’s transferred.

Ensure that you iron the edges just as well as the rest of the text for a successful transfer.

DIY text pillows

And there you have it. This is such a simple and fun DIY to do. πŸ˜€

So, are you the big spoon or the little spoon?!

What text would you like to put on a pillow?

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  1. Jas

    Pillow names:

    1. Osiris Fireclaw
    2. Winthrop Hunkledonk
    3. Unity Lesterman
    4. Trinity Hopechest.


  2. Melissa

    Haha, I’m more of the flower print instead of the text print but I really like this DIY, it’s quite easy to do πŸ˜‰

  3. Years ago, when I was about 14, I used iron on transfers to make myself a t shirt that said “I’m just a Hermione at heart”…I loved it but I had a hell of a time washing it, the transfer vanished after about three washes. Your pillows look great, you’ve done a fantastic job but if you find a way to successfully wash them please let me know!

    Love the fairy lights btw =p

    • Holly

      I have no idea how I’m going to wash these and I’m quite concerned that they might come off. I think I’ll put them on a low heat wash or hand wash them, but I’ll let you know how I get on when the time comes. πŸ™‚

      The fairy lights are from Primark. πŸ˜€

  4. Amy

    Oh wow, I love these, what a great way of making them yourself. The big spoon/little spoon text is so cute.

    I don’t know what I’d put on a pillow, to be honest. Probably something like, ‘Go to sleep, it’s 2am!’ That would probably be very useful to me!

  5. Elena

    This is so smart and great for us students with limited funds!

    We actually did this for our graduation (in Norway we celebrate the last month of school (May 1. – 17. (national holiday)) by wearing red pants, celebrating, and going together in groups to buy a car that can take you around to where you are going that month.) my group of friends and I did not want to invest in a car or expensive things so we just made matching hoodies in the same way that you did with the pillows. (And yes, it’s a weird cutsomt that I do not know where came from, but it was still a lot of fun. It felt great to celebrate the end of our 13 years in school.)

    • Holly

      I’m always looking for ways to save money. πŸ˜‰

      We had hoodies made when we left school with all of our names on the back, except I didn’t buy one for some reason.

  6. Cat

    I remember those pillow cases you posted before, and I think it’s awesome you were able to make them yourself for much cheaper! They are so cute and came out great πŸ™‚ I’ve been wanting to do some sort of gaming theme in our bedroom, like “player 1” and “player 2”, though I was thinking of putting it above the bed somehow.

  7. Hey, Holly!

    Great idea! I think I wanna put my name on my pillow so my sisters wont be stealing them no more! But my concern is, how long exactly do they stay on? I dont wanna sleep on them and find them gone the morning after D:

    • Holly

      I think I should put my names on my pillow back at my parents house as my mum likes to swap them around and then I can never get comfortable!

      They’ve stayed on well so far. We’ve both been sleeping on these pillows for about 3 nights (which I know isn’t a long time) but so far they show no signs of coming off. πŸ™‚

  8. Jamie

    I love DIY projects! I could have easily spent my days in my apartment doing projects like this, and actually not been bored out of my mind. However, now I know that I can do projects and read if I ever have to go back to that place.

    I really love the idea of big spoon and little spoon, though I’m not sure what the terms are. I’d rather put my name and my boyfriend’s name on the pillows instead of big spoon and little spoon.

    • Holly

      I find that DIY projects keep my mind occupied. I just like having something to take my mind of uni work and other stressful things.

      The big spoon little spoon text relates to spooning. The little spoon is the one in the arms of the big spoon.

  9. You make it seem so easy to make those text pillows!! And it’s even more special because it’s homemade! I’m wondering; since there are those white borders, would it be because you used a white background on Photoshop? What if you used the transparent background and just have the black text? Would there be a difference or would it be the same thing?

    If this was me, I’d be the little spoon XD. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t know what to put on the pillows. Give me time ;~;.

    • Holly

      They are incredibly simple to make. Altogether it took me about 20 minutes to make them. No skill involved really.

      I did think about that actually but having a transparent background would make no difference as the paper transfer is white and will be printed a long with the text even if the background is set as transparent. If I were doing it again I would cut around the text a lot more neatly so I wouldn’t get the huge idea. But I had no idea the background would show up as much as it did. πŸ™