Displaying photos in a blank scrapbook

18th July 2014

Photo book

My mum once told me that the most valuable items she owned where her photographs. I couldn’t agree more.

A few months ago when I was back home visiting my parents, my mum pulled out boxes and boxes of old photographs of me and my brothers growing up. It was lovely to look back, reminisce, and laugh at all the fashion disasters.

Then the photographs stop. We switched to digital cameras and stopped printing out our pictures. We transfer them from our memory cards on to our computers, and then rarely look back at them. I definitely think we are more inclined to view photographs that are in albums rather than those stored digitally.

Photo book

And so, with this thought in my mind, I decided to create an album full of photos from 2008 onwards, and I gave this to my mum for her birthday this year.

Printing the photographs was a lot cheaper than I was expecting. I found that most websites offer great deals for new customers. A little Google search showed that Photoworld had the best deal, offering 50 prints (6×4) for free for new customers. Prints then start from 5p each.

Photo book

I decided that I didn’t want to create a normal photo album. I wanted to be able to lay out the photographs just how I wanted, and so I went to Paperchase and bought a blank scrapbook, with black pages, and a pack of photo corners. I found the photo corners a little fiddly to use at first, but I soon got use to applying them and making the pages look neat.

Photo book

On some pages I added captions using a silver gel pen. Altogether, I was really proud of the way the book turned out. The only problem was that I didn’t print out enough pictures, and so half the book is empty. However, I added a little note at the end of the photos saying that there would be opportunities to make more memories and add them to the book in the future.

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  1. This is so lovely! I have too many unprinted photographs, I need to make a scrapbook like this one day very soon! xo

    • Holly

      I still have many more unprinted photographs to store, but I think scrapbooking is a fun way to do so. πŸ™‚

  2. Kya

    That is such an amazing gift and you are 100% right, it is so easy to just have the photos live in digital format and loose that interaction. I have done it too. πŸ™

  3. Elena

    I actually printed out a coupple of pictures the other day from the last few years. Since I am moving I wanted to bring some memories with me and I love holding and looking at printed pictures in stead of scrolling through 100’s of digital ones. They were also fairly cheap to print in norway and the shipping was actually more expencive than the actual photos, haha.

    I love how you made it into an album, it looks really good. Maybe I should do the same thing. I can’t just leave the pictures in the folder they came in.

    • Holly

      Good idea. πŸ™‚ When I moved to university I printed loads of pictures of my family and friends and covered the notice board in my room with them.

  4. Jamie

    I honestly love this idea! A few years back, before my Grandmother had passed away — my dad and his girlfriend had gotten a hold of his father’s picture and his picture. They blew the pictures up, and placed them inside nice little frames. That was a neat birthday present for my Grandmother.

    This year, I was wanting to make something home-made for my dad for Father’s day, but I didn’t have the funds, so I ended up getting him a book. Maybe I can do something like this with my child-hood pictures and do a scrap-book of them for his birthday. We lost a lot of pictures though. So it may be a hard thing to do with so few pictures. But who knows?

    Yeah, technology has changed and for the better. Sometimes, I wish that we could still print our pictures. We can, but we would have to buy them, and they cost money nowadays. More money then it did back than. But I do love looking back on our old photographs, and seeing the fashion disasters. lol.

    • Holly

      I’m sure he’d love that as a gift. I know that my mum loved hers, and I think it really took her by surprise that I had made my own gift for her. πŸ™‚

  5. I think it being half empty is actually better. You’re giving her the opportunity to fill it into the future, so that works out πŸ˜€

    I don’t think I’d have the patience to do this, and my handwriting is terrible πŸ˜›

    • Holly


      I did take quite a bit of patience as the photo corners were fiddly. Fortunately I have quite neat handwriting but I was still scared of making a mess of the book.

  6. I like how you put together the scrapbook! I never knew photo corners actually existed. Now that I do, I’m thinking about making a second scrapbook or transforming the rest of my pages with those thing attached if I find it. It’s really a fun activity :).

    • Holly

      Neither did I! But when I found them in Paperchase I just knew they were going to make my life easier. πŸ™‚