Designer goodness

26th March 2013

Today I treated myself to a little bit of designer goodness. I’m no designer junky but I have been dreaming over a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses for years. For my birthday (way back in January) I asked for money so that I could purchase my a pair but as it was winter, none of the shops had them in. I’ve been patient  and resisted spending the money on something else. Today I went shopping with my mum and I found the exact pair I have been drooling over for the past year after I saw them in the airport last summer. They were also cheaper than the ones in the airport so I bought them!

 They are limited edition from the London collection. They are black on the outside and have a funky print on the inside. I have never owned a pair of sunglasses that fit me and suit me so well. I have absolutly no regrets. Even at £135.  😮 😛

On Saturday I moved home for summer. Yes, summer! I know it’s only March and it’s snowing but I have finished my lectures for the year. I have two exams after the Easter holidays but I like to think my summer break starts here. I could really do with a job but I do have a lot of my student loan for the year left over so it’s not like I am going to be skint this summer.

Being home is great. I have still got a couple of assignments to complete but now I don’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning, going to lectures, going food shopping etc. I can focus of my work and give it my full concentration. I have two field reports to write and they are slowly killing me. One is almost complete but the other is far off the word count and I can’t think of anything more to write. The lecturer didn’t really give us a brief about what to write so we are all pretty confused. I’m just going to try my best and then if I do crap then at least I can try and make up for it in the exam.

On Friday I am off to Portugal. Prehaps I will get a chance to wear my new sunglasses! The weather forecast for the Algarve isn’t fantastic but just having a break from the UK will be nice. I’ll try and take some nice pictures for you. 😀

The pictures are from my Instagram. Feel free to follow. I will follow back. 🙂

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  1. Bhairavi

    I’m happy you finally got your RayBan Sunglasses!
    They are really good.
    So for how many day are you off to Portugal? And how long is your vacation? The summer vacation?

    Have Fun and Take care, Holly!

  2. Cat

    I just followed you on Instagram! (I’m puyoda.)

    That’s awesome that you got the sunglasses that you’ve been wanting! I really like how there’s a print on the inside of them. They look good!

    Wow, your lectures are done pretty early in the year. That’s nice to be able to go home and not worry about all of those chores while you finish your remaining assignments. Good luck with your exams later!

    Have fun in Portugal too!

  3. Thania

    aah raybans are amazing! I have the black and brown pair.

  4. Aah they’re so nice! The good thing is though, they will actually protect your eyes and they’ll last for ages, so they’re well worth it! They’re so pretty too! I’m jealous… =p

    You’ve moved back home already? Wow! I’ve still got two months before I can even think of going…but I’,m from Liverpool anyway, so I’d have nowhere to go! You’ll get your word count easy, you’ll be hit with inspiration at some point – maybe while you’re in Portugal! Have fun there!

  5. AHHH!! Those are so adorable!! I love my Ray Ban sunglasses so I’m sure you must love yours 28347928374x more. Limited edition from the London collection & everything! So adorable. Heyyyy can we trade?? haha kidding, but not really.

    Best of luck on your exams & all of your assignments. It’s always annoying when your professor doesn’t even give you proper prompts….I know that feel,’s completely absurd. Come on, guy, tell me what you want from me! Why are these damn things so vague sometimes? -_-

    Anyway, have an amazing trip to Portugal!! Take lots of pictures. How exciting! It’ll be such a nice break after all of your exams & what not.

  6. Nice glasses. I’m not a designer shopper either but once in awhile you got to make an exception.

    It sounds like you are going to have a good summer. Good luck on those assignments. 🙂

    Hope you had a good trip!