Clothes shopping online – a game changer?

9th February 2016

Clothes shopping online - a game changer?

I’m really old school when it comes to shopping for clothes.

I prefer to visit a shop to see, touch and try on items before making a purchase. I’m such a funny size that I’ve bought everything for a size 6 to a size 14 (I average out about an 8), and my weight has barely changed in the last 5 years;  this means I have to try on clothes before I buy them, or risk having to return to the shop for a refund.

When I have bought clothes online in the past it’s only because I’m buying something I’ve already tried on in store but want it in another colour that isn’t available there and then. Or because I’m buying shoes, and I feel like there is less risk involved when it comes to buying shoes.

BUT even though I prefer going to a physical store to buy my clothes, I hate the process of clothes shopping. I find it really tedious and a waste of my valuable time. I’d rather be walking along a beach or walking in the countryside than walking around a shopping centre.

18 year old me would not believe I just said that.

I feel like shopping online has changed a lot over the years and now it’s so much quicker and easier to place an order, get it delivered and return it if it doesn’t suit or fit.

The idea of not having to trail around shops for hour on end, not having to get undressed and redressed a million times, and not having a break down in public because everything looks rubbish, seemed absolutely perfect. I also love the idea of being able to try your new clothes on at home where you have your whole wardrobe to play around with.

So last week I placed my very first ASOS order. I picked three items of clothing (see below), clicked order and waited for my delivery to arrive.

When my package arrived I was very excited to open it, and to see if online clothes shopping could really be the answer to my fashion prayers.

(I will quickly mention the fact the package was opened when it arrived. Thank Hermes! Seriously, what is it with me and crappy delivery companies?!)

I tried on each item individually and assessed them. The outcome was not so great…

Clothes from ASOS

1) The dress (from New Look) was too tight around the neck. I think something was seriously wrong with it because nobody has a neck that small. Also, don’t be fooled by the model’s hand-on-hip pose because it makes the dress look like it has more shape than it actually does.

2) The shirt was too big. I ordered a size 6 because it did look a little on the large side, but I think even a size 4 would have been too big.

3) The floaty top was much more baggy that I expected and didn’t flatter my shape at all. The neck was also pretty tight on that one too (…or maybe I just have a wide neck).

All in all, it was a bit of a disaster. However, I am not ruling out the idea of online clothes shopping altogether. I really do like how much of a time saver shopping online, and how much freedom it gives me.

I would love to give ASOS another go, perhaps in the summer when I’m actually in the mood to pick out clothes. You all know I’m a sucker for summer dresses, jumpsuits and delicate white vests.

Do you shop for clothes online? Do you prefer going to the shops or buying online?

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  1. I also hate shopping but I love shopping online. I don’t do it as much anymore but I don’t like that you can’t try on clothes. I only buy shirts or tops since they are more likely to fit well. Shoes and jeans, I definitely have to try on first.

    I bought from ASOS once but I was disappointed. I only ended up liking one shirt I got. Even then, I got it a size up from what I normally wear and it was pretty tight. I also got a red skirt which looked way better in the pictures (they can always be deceiving), it was made of really thin and crappy cotton and honestly looked like something a five-year-old learning to sew would make. I also got another top which was made of crappy material. I could not believe that I ‘saved 60%’ for something that was of such bad quality. The original price was baffling.

    I don’t think I will buy from ASOS again. I would rather spend time shopping in a store and spending more money on something that is a quality item.

    • Holly

      I could never imagine buying jeans online. I’m a weird shape around the hips because my one hip sticks out so far, and then I have skinny legs. I’ve resulted to wearing jeggings because of their elastic waist!

      It seems like a lot of people don’t like ASOS. I was also really disappointed with the quality. I was expecting so much more because a lot of people online talk about it so highly.

  2. Ella

    I’ve always disliked clothes shopping for the reasons that you’ve mentioned. Not only is it tedious, but my sizing issue is very similar to yours.

    My online clothes shopping experience has been very negative. I had purchased 4 items from a store and ended up returning 3 of them because of the sizing issue. It was my first and last time buying clothes online. I could probably have benefited from reading more reviews. It’s quite frustrating when you hear of other people who do most of their clothes shopping online but they seem to have a size that fits them across a large range of brands and styles.

    I’ve never heard of ASOS but I’ll definitely take a peak and keep the things you’ve mentioned in mind if I do decide to buy something.

    • Holly

      I definitely should have read the reviews! I do when I buy electrial goods so goodness knows why I don’t for clothes!

      Actually, I might pop a review up myself on these items just so people know what the sizing is like.

  3. Susanne

    I hate clothes shopping!! First of all, the fashion in recent years is a disaster (not counting the shoes fashion, which is lovely!!), when I walk in a shop I feel like “eew, do they really expect people to want to wear that???!”. And number two, I’m quite thin over my shoulders but I have too much fluff on the belly, which means that it’s almost impossible to find clothes that actually fit. I was ok during the summer, after some gym, and obviously the lifestyle I lived in Italy was good for me weight-wise (I need to analyse what I did right there). But now…. ugh. I hide under tunics, also because that’s what I have when there isn’t anything out there to buy…..
    I used to shop online from a fair trade company in the UK, but they never get any new stuff there, and these days I’m also looking for more stylish than bohemian stuff (or, preferably, both of them at the same time, it IS possible!), but really, I prefer being in a shop so that I can try the clothes on. I’ve had too many bummers with online shopping.

    • Holly

      Yes, fashion has been terrible in recent years! I have started to buy more basics like plain white tshirts and simple black dresses because you can’t really go wrong with them. I like timeless pieces that I can wear regardless of what ever is in fashion.

  4. I bought things from Asos and they were fine most of the time. A pair of shoes had a scratch on them and a couple didn’t fit, but I was happy with the process overall. Try again, maybe their own brand. xx

  5. I love shopping in general, so I can understand the ease of shopping online. I only got one thing that fit me from online and that was a Christmas gift from my mother. It fit beautifully, too. I was lucky but usually I have to try on clothes because of my weird proportions, height, weight, and chest size(believe it or not. I’m a bigger girl on top and that influences my clothes shopping).