Christmas 2015

29th December 2015

Presents for Christmas 2015

Well, that’s it. Christmas is over for another year. Next stop: New Year celebrations and my 22nd birthday.

This Christmas was a strange one for me because I couldn’t come home until December 23rd. After I’d finished work on the 23rd, Tyrone and I caught the train home, ready to start our Christmas break. I used to go home in the middle of December because that was when I finished university for Christmas, but nothing stays the same forever.

Going home so late made it difficult to get into the festive mood, however, arriving home on Wednesday night was such an incredible feeling. In fact, I was more excited about going home on the 23rd than I was for Christmas day!

As per tradition, my Christmas Eve comprised of going to church, then to my aunt’s house for food, and then to the pub for drinks with friends and family.

Christmas Day itself was a quiet one this year as there was only four of us (my parents, myself and one of my brothers) for Christmas lunch, but it was really laid back and fun. In the evening my nan, my uncle and Tyrone came over to visit for more food and present opening.

I received some wonderful gifts this year and I was so touched by the generosity of my loved ones.

Tyrone gifted me a limited edition Animal Crossing New 3DS. I was planning on treating myself to one after Christmas but Ty beat me to it. In fact, he had put up with me discussing the idea of buying one for months running up Christmas, and all along he already had one wrapped up in the very same room as me. Crazy!

He also bought me a copy of #GIRLBOSS, Amiibo cards for the new Animal Crossing game and a set of Portal cookie cutters. My friend Darren had been planning my Christmas present with Tyrone so he bought me a charger for my DS and Animal Crossing New Leaf.

I received lots of other gifts from family and friends including perfume, Lucky Charms, an adult colouring book, gift vouchers, Soap and Glory goodies, fairy lights, a phone case and a new electric toothbrush.

I’m staying in Shropshire for New Year but we will be keeping it low key because nobody in my family really likes New Years Eve.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all a very happy New Year!

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  1. I absolutely love your Simpsons cell phone case. Too cool. :]

    // β–² β–²

  2. It sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed your day! My christmas this year wasn’t great, my family had a huge fight and people left upset but hey, you have to argue one Christmas right? xD

    Thats so great that he got you so many wonderful things! My boyfriend bought me a crystal slipper (like Cinderella’s glass slipper, a little one!) and it’s so beautiful. He bought it a long time ago actually and was just waiting for christmas ha! It’s so cute!

  3. Aww all your gifts are pretty! I have been thinking of getting an adult coloring book too…. for now I’m just printing out a few pages and coloring them!
    What is that heart shaped gift at the back?

    Christmas is not celebrated in my family, so my Christmas day went in lazing around the house πŸ˜€ but the Christmas week was pretty busy for me. I’ll blog about it today (I hope)

    • Thank you! I haven’t had chance to use the colouring book yet as I don’t have any colours at home, but I can’t wait to try it once I’m back in Liverpool.

      The heart is a part of the tin that the cookie cutters came in it. It’s a Companion Cube from the game Portal.

  4. Cat

    We had a quiet Christmas Day with my in-laws too, and it felt nice πŸ™‚ You got a lot of great gifts! That’s awesome that you got the Animal Crossing New 3DS! The face plate on it is so cute. I wish that they’d do face plates for the XL size too. I also have the same Portal cookie cutters! Sadly, I haven’t used them yet, since I don’t make rolled cookies very often.

    I’m glad you had a good holiday πŸ˜€ Have a happy new year!

    • Holly

      Sounds lovely! I’m so in love with the face plate. I didn’t realise that they didn’t do them for XL sizes.

      I can’t wait to try them out but I think icing them is going to be a real challenge for me. I will definitely blog about that!

  5. The Lucky Charms made me laugh! So cute and tasty too! I used to loved playing Animal Crossing, wow come to think about it, it’s been ages since I booted up my old DS Lite! I was addicted to it, especially the Pokemon games!

    Sarah πŸ™‚
    Saloca in Wonderland

    • Holly

      I had them for breakfast everyday when I was in New York but they’re so expensive over here! My original DS was one of the very first and the screen had almost broke off, so I was grateful for a new one!

  6. What a wonderful stash! I got sensible things like gift cards for food shopping and new work clothes so my post would be rather dull. Maybe I should post about my next Tesco haul πŸ˜‰ !!! I am rather envious of your phone case too… Hope you had a lovely Christmas Holly πŸ™‚ x x x

    • Holly

      Gift cards for food shopping would have been the perfect gift for me when I was a student! I think the most sensible gift I received was a spatula.

      I hope you had a lovely Christmas too. πŸ™‚