Choosing natural skin care (featuring Scrub Love)

16th August 2016

Choosing natural skin care (featuring Scrub Love)

This post contains an item gifted to me for review.

Over the past few months I have developed an interest in natural beauty products, and in particular natural skin care.

I have sensitive skin and have suffered with acne since my early teens, so over the years I have tried all sorts of products in an attempt to help my skin.

But it was only quite recently that I started to think more about what I’m actually putting on my skin. If you look at the ingredients on the back of bottles of skin care products, hair care or makeup you might be shocked as to what they contain. Day after day we apply these dangerous chemicals to our skin in hope of making ourselves look better or in thinking that it will take care of your skin.

It kind of freaked me out.

For example, I’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with applying Vaseline (petroleum jelly – a by-product of the oil industry) to my lips to moisturise them. In fact, I became addicted, and it got to the point where I had to carry my little tin of Vaseline with me everywhere and I was applying it several times a day.

Switching to a natural lip care product was one of the very first steps I took in my natural skin care journey (I love the Burt’s Bees lip balms) and honestly it has made such a difference. Not only does it mean I’m not longer applying nasty chemicals to my lips several times a day that don’t actually do anything positive for the skin (this blog post about Vaseline is well worth a read), but I’ve also found that I’ve not had to apply the lip balm quite so often. I’ve gone from applying Vaseline every couple of hours, day in day out, to applying a natural lip balm maybe once of twice a day.

And my lips thank me for it.

My interest was further developed when I visited an Aloe Vera plantation while on holiday in Lanzarote and we had the opportunity to try out some of the freshly cut Aloe. It doesn’t get any more natural than that.

I recently got to try out a natural coffee scrub from a company called Scrub Love. They kindly sent me out a pack of their Mint Temptation coffee scrub.

Choosing natural skin care (featuring Scrub Love)

Their scrubs are 100% natural and use organic, fairtrade and ethically sourced coffee. So not only is it good for your skin, it’s good for the growers too. As well as coffee, the scrub is full of other lovely natural products such as Aloe Vera, tea tree oil, argan oil, etc, and comes in three scents; original, coconut and mint.

When I opened the packet I was instantly hit by the smell which reminded me of Christmas. You know, after lunch when you drink coffee and eat after-dinner mints. Except me. Because I actually hate the taste of mint! I hate it so much that I actually only started using mint toothpaste when I was 18. Oh the horror! However, I can deal with the smell of mint which is a good job as this is a very minty scrub.

It’s quite a coarse grained scrub and it’s not sticky at all. I focused the scrub on my legs which are generally a problem area for me. I’m a very hairy person (think Wookie) so I shave my legs very frequently. As a result my legs can get quite dry and scaly, and I often suffer from ingrowing hairs.

It left my legs feeling smooth and made shaving a breeze. I didn’t cut myself not once, which is a serious achievement for me, and so it must have helped to get out all those nasty ingrowing hairs.

Admittedly it does leave your bath tub looking like you’ve been playing in mud all day but a quick blast with the shower and its all gone.

I think the only downside to this product is the packaging. I found it hard to reseal the packet once opened as the scrub gets stuck around the opening. It’s light and compact to send through the post, and it’s probably more environmentally friendly than using plastic tubs.

Choosing natural skin care (featuring Scrub Love)

Aside from the packaging I really love this scrub and have used it every single day since it arrived. I mean, anything that makes shaving my legs a little easier gets a massive thumbs up from me.

Photo credit: Tyrone. Nothing like asking your boyfriend to take photos of you in the shower.

Do you prefer to use any natural skin care products? If so, please do leave some recommendations to help me with my journey of transitioning to natural beauty products!

I was kindly sent a packet of Scrub Love coffee scrub in return for a review on blog. As always, all opinions, words and content are my own.

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  1. I am making my own coffee scrub, not that hard as I drink a few cups of coffee daily. I was curious how these are, as I would buy them if I’m away. I like the idea of mint, it sounds fresh.

  2. Natural beauty products are the way to go! I think it’s better to take care of yourself so there’s a lesser need for makeup. It’s great to be aware of what you’re applying on your face- to prevent yourself from any long-term harm from those chemicals!

    Aloe vera is one of the best natural goods for skincare. It sounds like you enjoyed this product! Hopefully the company will put some R&D into ergonomic packaging or something. The closest to natural skin care product I use is aloe vera (grown in our back yard)!

    • Holly

      If I could get my skin into a good enough condition that I didn’t need to wear makeup that would be amazing! I love the feeling of having a naked face.

      I almost bought an aloe vera plant when I was in Lanzarote! I’m still considering buying one.

  3. Chynna

    I always have to be careful with my skin because I ahve eczema. I use a really mild shower gel and Aveeno, which I found works really well for my skin, and other than that nothing else. I remember I used to use scented gels and creams because I wanted to smell nice but they would irritate my skin. I use body mist on my clothes, but make sure it doesn’t get on my skin, so I can still smell nice 🙂

    I love Burt’s Bees. I also use Carmex, as well.

    Ah, aloe vera is the stuff of my childhood. We still have an aloe vera plant growing in my bathroom. My mum used to rub it in my hair when I was little – I can’t really remember why she started doing that in the first place, but my hair thanked me for it.

    This product sounds pretty good! I barely use scrubs, because of my eczema and I found rubbing hard things always irritates my skin, but I mean natural scrubs are probably better, right? I definitely want to look more into natural beauty products, though!

    • Holly

      Oh no, my brother used to (probably still does) suffer from eczema so I know it can be right pain in the arse!

      Ah I love the idea of having an aloe vera plant in the bathroom. I’m totally going to invest in one.

  4. I laughed out loud at your photo credit, but ahhh, I feel like I can relate. Not necessarily in the shower though. Just asking Nick to take photos of me is funny enough sometimes. 😛

    I love exfoliating but I find that a lot of exfoliating scrubs are the really greasy, oily kind. I actually made some myself when we were in Zurich, because there was some sugar and olive oil. Olive oil is good for the skin, too. I literally just mixed the sugar and oil together and scrubbed it on myself in the shower. It sounds funny in hindsight, because on our trip I also soaked my feet in hot water in Rome because we had a large container available. I love taking care of my body, skin-wise. I moisturise my arms and legs a lot because I can’t stand them being dry, but I think I should definitely exfoliate more!

    I use natural shampoo and conditioner. I think it is much better. 🙂 It’s much nicer on the hair and leaves it soft and in better condition.

    I should look into natural lip balms. I used a vaseline-like balm and I really loved it because it didn’t dry out my lips like other lip balms!! Many of them just have drying agents so that you keep reapplying it and using it and want to buy more. Lips shouldn’t even really need to be moisturised that much, I’ve heard.

    I hate really strong mint but I like freshening my breath with one, especially after I have eaten or drunk something strong smelling (like coffee). 🙂 I did use flavoured toothpaste for a while as a kid, though. 😛

    • Holly

      I’ve never really considered using the olive oil on my skin, but my nan always seems to have a bottle in her bathroom so I guess that’s what it’s there for! I wish I bothered to moisturise my body more, especially the tops of the arms which are always so dry.

      I used strawberry toothpaste until I was 18! I even lied to my dentist when I had braces on because I knew if I found out I was using children’s toothpaste he would have told me off!

  5. I love everything natural (which most people probably know from my blog), haha. I’m a crunchy hippy who still likes to feel pretty though. Coffee scrubs have always been one of my favorites. My skin just feels more, i’m not sure, alive, after using it. I love how my skin shines through after a good scrub too. I have a lot of favorite brands, but I also love DIYing some products with the help of essential oils.

    • Holly

      Yes! I totally know what you mean about your skin feeling more alive! I would love to try some beauty DIYs some time.

  6. I used to do exactly the same Holly! I applied Vaseline like 5 times a day for years until my mom told me about how bad it is for my lips so I stopped – I haven’t used lip products in ages because I’ve just been exfoliating them with sugar/salt (haha, I know weird DIY thing I saw on YouTube) and they have been really soft 🙂

    I’e heard of using coffee before for my skin. I haven’t tried it yet but Scrub Love’s looks great 😀 I usually use salt to scrub my skin. I’ve been getting more into natural skin care for the last year and I do recommend using coconut oil for hair and skin especially if you wear make up – it melts my Estee Lauder foundation like magic!

    • Holly

      I need to start exfoliating my lips. I didn’t think to do it with just sugar or salt, but I will definitely give that a try. So thanks for the tip!

      I really want to give coconut oil a go. It seems to have so many uses. I’ve even heard you can use it to whiten your teeth?!