Chester in photographs

13th August 2014

Clock Chester

Clock Chester

Shopping area Chester

We finally made it to Chester! We set a date and decided to go no matter what the weather has install.

Fortunately it didn’t rain but it was very cloudy, meaning that I was constantly changing the white balance on my camera, hence why some pictures look darker than others.

Now for a little background information. Chester is a city in the north west of England and was founded in Roman times. There are still many Roman ruins to see in the city itself. For example, the Roman amphitheatre in the photo below.

Roman ruins

Roman ruins

We spent most of our day wondering around the shops but we did take a walk down by the river where we ate our picnic.

River in Chester

River in Chester

The clock in the top two photographs is quite a famous bit of architecture in Chester. Funnily enough, the clock mechanism was made in a town just down the road from where I originate in Shropshire.

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  1. How beautiful! I’ve only been to England once, and we only had enough time to see London, but I would have loved to see something more like this. It looks so peaceful and relaxing while still retaining so much character!

    • Holly

      Chester is one of those cities that doesn’t really feel like a city, because there are no skyscrapers and ultra-modern buildings. It’s real is quite peaceful.

  2. Susanne

    It looks lovely! English towns are so pretty. The clock in the top picture looks very fancy. They sure made some nice crafts in those days (I suppose the year indicated is when the clock was made).

    • Holly

      Yes, I think that’s what the date is. Chester is something quite special. It’s a little bit like Oxford.

  3. Aw how beautiful! I love England & all of its little towns. Chester is such a beautiful city. The Roman ruins are always so fascinating to see & the architecture around the area is so romantic. Yay for having a nice holiday to Chester. πŸ˜€

    As for the white balance issue, do yourself a favor & download Lightroom. Sure editing photos is a pain in the butt, but LR makes it easy & the photos you thought had bad lighting will look great once properly edited! πŸ™‚ All the pros do it, sooooo don’t feel like you’re cheating because you’re using an image editing software to better your images!

    • Holly

      I edit my photos in RAW format into Photoshop. I looked at getting Lightroom but there aren’t too many differences between the two. I guess I’m still learning how to use all the editing tools.

      I also doesn’t help that my pictures are a different colour in Photoshop to what they are when I upload them to my blog. I’m not sure if that’s a fault with Photoshop or my browser, but it’s really frustrating.

  4. I had seen that first photograph in Instagram the other day I guess…

    Those photos are truly pretty! Chester looks like a very very pretty little city! πŸ˜€

  5. Richard

    So so pretty!

  6. Alice B

    I’ve never been to England so everything looks so breathtaking to me. England is definitely one of my life goals, I wish I have the chance of going there in the future.

    • Holly

      And my goal is to spend as much time away from England as possible, haha! No, seriously, as much as I moan about it, there are also some lovely places to visit.