This is the final post of my New York Travel Diary series. I have decided to combine our final two days into one post because we took these days a lot slower.

Here is day 6 AND 7. The High Line, Chelsea Market and a place that sells nothing but Mac and Cheese.

Day 6

By the time the weekend arrived we were absolutely broken. We were tired and our legs hurt so much. But fortunately we had managed to tick off all the major items on our to do list earlier in the week.

I told you I wouldn’t make you wait too long for the next post in this series!

Here is day 5. The Subway, Brooklyn Bridge, Grimaldi’s Pizza and not one but two ferries!

On the Friday, we decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to find Grimaldi’s Pizza. But first, we had to get to the Brooklyn Bridge as we were staying at the other end of Manhattan. The Subway seemed like the best/cheapest option.

Now, I’ve got a pretty good sense of direction, and I tend to pick up transport networks quite quickly. But the New York subway? Ha. It’s got to be the most complicated system in the world.

I know it’s been like 6 months since I went to New York, but I still have a few posts that I want to share with you, and I’m determined not to give up on this Travel Diary series half way through!

Plus, I’m sure you’ll all appreciate a bit of sunshine in the depths of winter. 😉

Here is day 4 of my New York Travel Diary series: Empire State Building, the central library, the night tour bus and Ellen’s Stardust Diner.