Moving to university? My advice to new students

Before we begin, I know I spelt stationery wrong in the photo. I have trouble spelling, if you hadn’t already guessed. Also, your list should be a bit longer than this one.


September is here, which means many students will be starting university and moving away from home. It’s terrifying, but in my experience it’s a lot of fun and 100% worthwhile!

Today I’m going to share my advice on moving to university and into student accommodation/halls of residence, with some handy tips to help you along the way.

Managing student money

On Monday I finished university, although I’m technically a student until my course ends (June or July, I think).

Anyway, one aspect of my student life that I haven’t talked about is money. Money can be a difficult subject at any time, but particularly when you’re a student. However, I’ve never gone into my overdraft, I’ve never asked to borrow money off my parents, and I have even managed to have enough left over after paying bills and buying food so that I can treat myself.

“How?!” I hear you cry over your Tesco Value Chicken Noodles as you huddle under the duvet because you can’t afford heating. Well, today I am going to share a few of my tips for making, spending and saving money as a student.

Things I will miss about being a student - empfire.info

In two weeks time I will have finished my degree. That’s a pretty scary thought.

While I’m not going to miss field trips in the snow, countless deadlines, and the stereotypical student comments, there are many things that I will truly miss about being a student.