Back in October, I started to think about what I wanted my goals for 2018 to be. Yes, I started thinking about this very early, but 2017 was a pretty terrible year for me and I couldn’t wait for it to end!

Last year, instead of setting myself multiple goals, I just chose one. My goal was to buy a house, and I did accomplished it. In previous years I had set myself multiple goals, but I always failed at achieving all the goals I set and it just made me feel really bad about myself.

In twenty seventeen

In twenty seventeen

Last weekend I shared a post reviewing the goals that I set myself in 2016, and I mentioned that I’d only set one major goal for 2017; to buy a house.

I chose to only set one goal because honestly, that was the only measurable goal I wanted to achieve this year.

My goals for 2017 (& a review of my 2016 goals)

Last December I set myself three goals to achieve by the end of 2016 and, well, I manage to achieve one, fail one and I’m still trying to figure out if I achieved the other one or not. I’ll explain more in a second!

Today I’m going to review my 2016 goals and also discuss my goals (well, goal) for the coming year…