Muji planner

At the beginning of a new year my inner organisation freak comes out and I start planning for the year ahead. Ever since starting university, a diary has been a must have item for me and I use them religiously to plan out my life. While I use a digital calendar at work, I just can’t bring myself to using one in my personal life and so it is paper and pen all the way for me.

Let’s go minimal

Let's go minimal - why I'm going for a more minimal lifestyle

I recently discovered something about myself following a major decluttering session in my flat. I discovered that I was happier with less stuff, and because of this I have decided to go minimal. And I was reassured to find that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way after reading Georgie’s post Live Simply, and Simply Live.

Organised student

When ever I am asked to describe myself in an interview the first word out of my mouth is “organised”. I wouldn’t say that I’m obsessed about organising but I do think it helps to make life a little easier. And if ever there is an important time in life to be organised it is when you are a student.

Here are my tips for being organised as a student. It’s all about knowing what you are suppose to be doing as well as where and when.