American Pizza Slice Liverpool

I’m a big fan of supporting local businesses. I’m not sure what it is but it just feels so much better than handing your money over to a large chain company. So, when I won a Independent Liverpool membership card (a card which gets you discounts at a range of independent shops and restaurants) I vowed to discover and support more local businesses.

I’ve already mentioned LEAF, Nolita Cantina and Lucha Libre before on the blog, but today I’m going share with you my my favourite pizza takeaway; American Pizza Slice.

Queen Mary 2, Three Queens, Liverpool

This weekend in Liverpool, to celebrate 175 years of Cunard, the three cruise ships known as the “Three Queens” met in Liverpool.

The Queen Mary 2 arrived on the Sunday and docked at Pier Head. Fortunately it wasn’t too busy on the Sunday so I managed to get a few good photos of the ship. It got me really excited for the cruise I’m going on next month.

Cocktail Book

I found a “shop” in town today and I just had to tell you about it. It’s been there for years but I’ve never noticed it before.

It’s called Healthy Planet Books for Free and, as the name indicates, they are giving away books for free. Hence why I’ve put the term “shop” in quotes.