Simple Products

If you are a regular reader you will know that I rave about skin care and beauty products made by Simple. If you aren’t a regular reader, fear not. You can read about my skin care routine using Simple products here.

I recently added to my Simple collection with a couple more products to enhance my skin care routine. A big shout out to my mum for purchasing these for me after I mentioned I was going to buy them. She’s a star!

Controlling acne

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a post on the various ways in which I had tried to control my acne problem. It turns out that it has become one of my most popular posts, with many visitors searching for information about the creams that I had on prescription as well as Cidal soap which I used for a while.

I have written this post as a follow-up to the original Controlling Acne post, which you can read here. I hope this will answer some of the questions I have been asked as well as providing more advice for those suffering with acne.

My skin care routine

I spent so long on trying to find and prevent the underlying cause of my acne that I forgot that I actually needed to take care of the skin too.

My mum has been fantastic in helping me to develop a skin care routine for my face for me to carry out each evening. I don’t use any fancy or expensive products so it’s the perfect routine for anyone on a budget. It’s worth getting into the habit of taking care of your facial skin even if you don’t have spots or acne. It keeps your skin soft and healthy.