Fitness equipment

Today I thought I’d talk about a topic I rarely ever talk about on my blog; fitness.

The last time I wrote a post about fitness was 2014 when I had this wonderful plan to start working out, but then everything kind of fell through when my hip pain became unbearable and even walking around my home became a challenge.

Roll on three years and a lot has changed. I now know working out and building the muscles around my hip is not negotiable. It’s a case of use it or lose it.

30 day yoga challenge

I mentioned in one of my Weekend Blog posts that I had decided to take on a 30 day yoga challenge. I had been told by my doctor that yoga might help with my hip condition, so when I stumbled across 30 Days of Yoga on Yoga with Adriene’s YouTube channel I decided to give it ago.

Before I began I had some knowledge and experience of yoga, or at least I thought I did. Years ago I used the Wii Fit game to throw some yoga shapes, but when I started following yoga routines on YouTube I realised that yoga wasn’t just about the poses and positions. It’s also a lot to do with the way in which you move from one pose to the next.

Mission: Get fit!

I’m 20 years old, 5 foot 6 in height and just over 8 stone (around 51kg) in weight. In fact, from a trip to the doctors before Christmas I found out that I was on the border of being underweight. I found this quite shocking considering I eat loads and don’t really exercise.

The truth is I have always had “problems” with my weight. I’ve always been skinny even though I eat as much as everyone else, if not more! [1. I’m guilty of snacking on crappy food.] I even got bullied at school by people called me anorexic and telling me to eat some food. I felt upset by this but I soon learnt, through a very supportive mum, that those people were just jealous and that I could use my natural skinniness to my advantage. She showed me that I could literally wear anything because of my weight and height, and although it took me some time to get dressing in a girly way [2. I’d previously been a fan of hoodies and jeans for every occasion!] I now dress for my shape.