A few nights ago we made our own pizzas. By “we” I of course mean “Tyrone”. He does most of the cooking in our flat because he’s a lot better at it than me.

The dough is based on a Jamie Oliver recipe. I can honestly say that it makes the most delicious pizza bases. It really does rival the likes of Domino’s (and that’s saying something!).

Before chocolate

I’ve been wanting to make doughnuts for a while, but I was a bit concerned about frying them as I’m not very confident in the kitchen. I searched the web (mainly Pinterest) and found this straight forward recipe on the Lakeland website for baked doughnuts.

While I stuck to the recipe I did make one alteration. I don’t have a doughnut mould so I used a muffin tin and make bun shaped doughnuts without the hole.