Christmas Baking | Winter Rocky Road Bites

Christmas baking | Winter Rocky Road Bites

Baking has become a part of my Sunday routine, and I feel at least 40 years old admitting this. But it’s fun and relaxing, and always results in sweet treat goodness.

Today I’ve got a super simple and quick recipe to share with you. It can be made and ready to eat in less than half an hour, and it looks and tastes very festive.

Make your own graze snacks

I ordered my first Graze box in the summer thanks to a voucher for my first box for free (You know the one!). I loved the concept and the products inside, but I never ordered again due to the price. £3.99 isn’t a lot of money, but when you put it into perspective it quickly adds up if ordering a box once a week (Over £200 a year!).

I wondered, could I make Graze style snacks myself at a cheaper price?

Double chocolate chip cookies

One thing I always tell people is that I am terrible cook, but that I love to bake.

I’m not at a stage where I feel competent enough to create my own recipes, but I know it will come to me some day.

Until then I shall just continue to share  with you my favourite tried and tested recipes that I’ve found online or in recipe books.