It’s been almost two years since I share a list of my favourite podcasts here on the blog, and during this time I have discovered a lot of new shows.

Right now it seems like every man and his dog has a podcast, and I completely get the obsession. I used to listen to podcasts at work to help me get through the day, whether it be something really inspiring, or something that made me laugh, or something that really gripped me and made my day just a little more exciting.

So today I thought I would share the podcasts I’ve been enjoying over the last year or so.

My favourite podcasts to listen to

I remember the very early days of podcasts and how different they were back then to what they are today. I subscribed to podcasts from my favourite TV comedy shows or radio shows, but really they were just snippets of the recordings bundled together to make a smaller version of the show that you could listen to on the go. Eventually I got bored of the podcasts I listened to, so I unsubscribed and kind of forgot about their existence.

Phoenix Nights Live (review)

Phoenix Nights Live Review

I’ve decided to wait until after Phoenix Night Live had completely finished to write a review in order to not ruin the surprise for anyone going. And given that Peter Kay has said there will be no more dates, no tour and no DVD, I feel I can openly talk about it here.

If you never watch Phoenix Nights before, start here. Basically, it’s a comedy series set in a very British working men’s club and tells the story of the characters who work there.