A simple mirror upcycling project

When I was reading over the results of my 2015 reader survey I noticed that some people said they liked DIY posts.

Scrapbooking - New York and Med Cruise

Last summer I shared with you the scrapbook/photo album I made for my mum for her birthday. You can find that post here.

I felt so inspired after making this gift that I decided I would get into a habit of printing off my photographs regularly and putting them into a blank scrapbook.

DIY text pillows

Way back in July I added a set of pillow cases to my monthly wish list. As much as I wanted them, the price tag put me off (£25 for the set). I questioned “How hard can they be to make?”. Today I discovered that they’re actually super easy to make.

They might not look quite as good as the ones from Not On The Highstreet, but they cost me less than £5 to make!! Swings and roundabouts really. 😛