I blog because…

I blog because...

This week I saw the hashtag #iblogbecause circulating Twitter and it inspired me to write a post about the reasons why I blog.

I wanted to focus on the reasons why I continue to blog after 7 years because a question I am frequently asked is “Do you ever think about stopping?”.

What I've learned from my blog statistics

Okay, before you start rolling your eyes and thinking “not another bloody blog post bragging about stats” I want you to know that this isn’t a normal post about blog statistics.

Bare with me on this one!

Throughout my time as a blogger I’ve gone through phases where I have been obsessed with blog statistics. I’ve set monthly goals, documented the important numbers, and got genuinely upset when my stats have declined from one month to another.

My thoughts on blogging...secret blogging

Some people choose to blog in secret. Some choose to use a pseudonym online, while some choose not to tell their friends or family.

And I totally get it, because I’ve been there. 

For years I kept my blog a secret. I didn’t tell my family or friends that I was writing a blog, learning to code and building websites. It was all hush-hush.