A review of 2016 - Empfire

A review of 2016 – Empfire

A review of 2016 - Empfire

As another year draws to a close it’s time for me to look back at the last 12 months on my blog and reflect.

Ironically, just a week ago I was filled with so much self-doubt that I felt disappointed with my blog. I even expressed my feelings on Twitter.

My thoughts on blogging...relatability

In recent months I’ve seen many people on Twitter discussing (okay, more like complaining) how they feel like they can no longer relate to their favourite bloggers.

In general, most of these comments are in relation to the “big bloggers” who started off reviewing clothes from Primark and now they’re showing off their collection of handbags and shoes from Prada, telling us that £1000 for a bag is “reasonable”.

Big #BoxOfLame September 2016

My goodness do I love stationery.

Honestly, one of my favourite things about the summer holidays was going shopping for new stationery ready for the new school year. And now that I’m adulting I still find excuses to buy new notebooks and pens every now and then. For instance, I just can’t be without my beloved Muji planner.

So when I found out about the Box of Lame from That Lame Company, which is full of stationery and other bits and pieces for a super reasonable price, I knew I had to purchase one.