My thoughts on blogging...staying true to yourself

Blogging – it’s a funny old thing.

A year ago I started taking blogging more seriously. By this I mean that I started posting more frequently and focused on what I was writing. I was sick and tired of using this space as an outlet for the negative aspects of my life, and instead I wanted to talk about the things I am passionate about and the things that inspire me.

But as a blogger I believe it is easy to get swept along with current blogging trends and jump on the bandwagon.

Greed and dishonesty

I started blogging for fun, to cure boredom and communicate with other people with the same interests as me. Through blogging I have spoke to some of the kindest people in the world and I feel so fortunate to be able to call them my friends. They’ve reassured me, cheered me up and given me advice. It’s incredible when you think about it.

However, recently I’ve found that the blogging world isn’t always a nice place to be. There are two main themes that are currently on my mind: greed and dishonesty. It’s something that I am seeing all too often nowadays. I must point out, this does not apply to everyone. It’s just a certain few (thousand) that are ruining it for others.

My thoughts on blogging...returning comments

I feel like a veteran of the blogging world. I may have started off making Piczo websites 5 to 6 years ago, but even then I had a blog (of sorts).

It was more of an updates section where I told my visitors about the winner of my Site of the Month (SOTM) competition, and shared what ever rubbish “blend” I had made using images of Heath Ledger. I also discussed a few personal aspects of my life, like starting GCSEs and going to the cinema to watch The Dark Knight again and again.

I wish you had known me in the Piczo days because you’d probably be laughing right now! This was genuinely what my “blog” was all about, and I loved it.

I moved on and stopped editing and destroying celebrity images. I focused on coding and learning about comment management systems. I was pretty clueless to be fair. I used Haloscan, CuteNews, FanUpdate (are you feeling nostalgic yet?) and finally WordPress.

Change is inevitable. I changed websites, commenting systems, website content, blogging style, etc. But the one thing that remained constant, and still remains constant to this day, is my belief in returning comments.