My thoughts on blogging...relatability

In recent months I’ve seen many people on Twitter discussing (okay, more like complaining) how they feel like they can no longer relate to their favourite bloggers.

In general, most of these comments are in relation to the “big bloggers” who started off reviewing clothes from Primark and now they’re showing off their collection of handbags and shoes from Prada, telling us that £1000 for a bag is “reasonable”.

My thoughts on blogging...secret blogging

Some people choose to blog in secret. Some choose to use a pseudonym online, while some choose not to tell their friends or family.

And I totally get it, because I’ve been there. 

For years I kept my blog a secret. I didn’t tell my family or friends that I was writing a blog, learning to code and building websites. It was all hush-hush.

Writing blog posts that spark conversations

This post is a part of the “My thoughts on blogging…” series. I have just choose to keep the title short because “My thoughts on blogging…writing blog posts that spark conversations” is too long!

We are constantly told to make our blog posts sharable, pinable and SEO friendly. We are told that our blog statistics are important and that success is based on how many followers we have and how high our DA score is.

That’s great but these are not the things I have in mind when I write my blog posts.