This month my Blog in the Spotlight is Unfancy.

I mentioned a few weeks back that I had lost a lot of my confidence when my hip condition started to deteriorate. It was particularly affecting my motivation to dress nice and buy new clothes. I hated getting dressed each day and I found it almost impossible to buy new clothes. I started buying clothes for the sake of it, and not because they looked good or made me feel good about myself.

I soon came to realise that a lot of women felt like this. I also realised that if anything was to be done about this then I would have to do it myself. It wasn’t like I would wake up one day with a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes. I knew that I had to sort out my thinking and take it one step at a time. I was going to get over my hate for clothes and clothes shopping, some how.

I then came across a website/blog called Unfancy run by Caroline who shares her technique for buying and wearing clothes. I instantly fell in love with both her style and her life with a capsule wardrobe.

Blog in the Spotlight July

This month I have decided to make World of Wanderlust my Blog in the Spotlight.

Although this blog really doesn’t need any extra publicity (as it’s already super popular!), I wanted to feature World of Wanderlust because it’s my favourite travel blog to read. It’s full of beautiful photographs, great travel tips and personal stories.

Welcome to the first post in the series Blog in the Spotlight. For more information about this series, please read this post.

This month I have decided to feature Georgie’s blog, Hey Georgie.