I took a little break

1st December 2016

I took a break

I took a little break

You may have noticed I’ve been a little absent from the blog recently.

In fact, I took the whole month of November off blogging, and it felt a little weird because I haven’t spent that much time away from the blog since early 2014 when I started blogging more frequently.

Weird, but definitely needed.

Allow me to explain.

Towards the end of October I noticed that I wasn’t feeling too good in myself. I’d just got over my first cold of the season, and the dark and colder days and nights were getting me down. I’ve always struggled this time of year, but I felt worse than ever before. I felt exhausted, stressed and just plain old miserable.

I felt like I just needed a break from life. I wanted to run away from adulthood.

I decided that I would take a month off writing this blog. I thought it would free up some more time so I could focus on me and my mental health. And that’s exactly what I did.

I made an appointment to see my GP to discuss the idea of having therapy.

I can’t remember how transparent I’ve been about my mental health on the blog, but back in the spring of this year I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. My solicitor arranged for me to see a psychiatrist as a part of my legal case, and this was the diagnosis he gave me.

I wasn’t exactly surprised. I’d known for a while that I wasn’t well. In fact, getting a diagnosis was somewhat reassuring.

Yet after I was diagnosed I did nothing about it. Life went on as usual because I was scared of reaching out for help. I was scared to say “I’m struggling” out loud to anyone.

So, going to see my GP to talk about getting help was a massive step for me. But I’m so glad I did it.

I saw a lovely doctor who had such a calming bed side manner that made me feel at ease straight away. I felt like I could open up to her, even though I’d only just met her.

I’m going to give therapy a go, but of course, I have to wait because it’s the NHS and you always have to play the waiting game with them. But, at least I’ve made a start with getting help.

Anyway, because I was still feeling so run down I ended up getting another bloody cold! I recognised that this was a sign; a sign I needed to rest. And so I took a couple of days off sick from work to recover and to take care of myself.

So yeah, November was a bit of a write off for me. But December will be better.

I’ve come back to the blog feeling energised and inspired. December is always my favourite month on the blog so I’m excited to get back into the swing of things again.

And hopefully, my mental health will pick up a little in this festive season, and I won’t get another cold.

It’s good to be back. 

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  1. Hi Holly,
    Welcome back!
    I missed your posts. I used to just drop by to see if there was anything new but used to be disappointed to see nothing new. Then I realized that you must have taken a break.
    People usually shy away from taking therapy when they are told to. I’m glad you are taking this step and that you are able to open up too.

  2. Elisa

    welcome back, holly!

    november was such a downer for me too, the same goes for october. 2016 pretty much sucks for me so i wouldn’t really expect anything. just tryna survive through each day, ya know lol.
    i have decided to take a break from certain things in life too, like social media and whatnot. i guess not blogging but when it comes to social media and maybe communicating with people (or friends), i’m currently taking a break from all of those. guess i just need some peace to myself.

    the fact that you’re down with cold sucks too 🙁 i wonder if that’s because december is about to be here – snow, winter, cold…. flu-cold… heh, bad joke, bad pun. anyways, good luck!

    • Holly

      Yeah, 2016 has been the best.

      Sometimes we need a break and to have time to ourselves. Online life can be hard.

      I think the cold is definitely responsible for recent illness. I don’t think stress has helped either.

  3. I noticed you didn’t post anything. It’s goof you took some time off to relax and get over the colds you had. I think therapy will help, even if you have to wait for the NHS. The system is stretched to its limits unfortunately, so the waiting time it’s not ideal. Although, considering the price for a session in the private sector, I imagine it’s better to wait. I hope you’ll get a great therapist. x

    • Holly

      Yes, apparently there are only 5 therapists on the entire Wirral. I hear private is very expensive so I’ll just have to wait. Luckily I can talk to my GP which helps somewhat.

  4. Welcome back, Holly! I’m so happy to see this blog post, we’ve missed you! I know the colder months demotivate me and I always end up feeling uninspired, sad (Idk why sometimes!) but this year, I’ve managed to keep hold of the good things and I’ve been consistently inspired so that’s good 🙂

    Thanks for opening up to us, I’m glad you got to take that step back and find the steps towards bettering your mental health. Big hugs. <3

    • Holly

      Aww thank you Pauline, that really does mean a lot!

      That’s so good to hear. Teach me your ways! I’m hoping I’ll feel more positive in December because I’m looking forward to going home for Christmas and I’ve got a few exciting things going on this month.

  5. I noticed you went away but I was sure you would come back 🙂 Sometimes we need a break and our mental health comes first. I know you’ve had your struggles but I am glad you are on the way to recovery and also, glad you came back to your blog to share that news! 🙂 I’ve often not blogged regularly, you can usually tell I am feeling under the weather if a month has only a few posts, and to be honest I have been feeling a bit down because it’s the end of the year. My hobbies are taking a bit of a slump but I’ve got things to look forward to now, haha, so that’s good.

    Hopefully you don’t get sick again!! *big hugs*