Blog in the Spotlight (September) – A Thrifty Mrs

16th September 2014

A Thrifty Mrs

This month my Blog in the Spotlight is A Thrifty Mrs.

A Thrifty Mrs is a blog all about living life on a budget and shares great tips for being thrifty. As a student living on a budget, this is right up my street. πŸ˜‰

The reason why I love this blog so much is that it’s run by a fellow Brit. I’ve seen many blogs dedicated to this sort of content, but it’s rare that you find a British one.

Why does this make a difference? Because she talks about things that are in the UK, such as days out, supermarkets, shops, magazines, etc. It makes a change to reading a post about saving money when shopping and questioning what on earth Target is! [1. I do actually know what Target is despite not having it in the UK. It sounds pretty amazing to be honest!]

Some of my favourite posts and features include What to buy in Aldi (and what not to buy) and the monthly reviews of magazine freebies.

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