Blog in the Spotlight (October) – Tiffany Bee

28th October 2014

Tiffany Bee

This month my Blog in the Spotlight is Tiffany Bee.

Tiffany Bee is both a photo journal and food blog, and so naturally it’s filled with the most beautiful photographs and incredible recipes. I can guarantee that if you visit Tiffany’s blog you will leave with your mouth watering, craving some tasty food.

One feature that I particular enjoy over on her blog is the Ma Belle Vie series in which Tiffany photographs her entire day and shares all of the photos in a post. You would not believe the amount of times I’ve said to myself I’d have a go at this, but then I just wake up the next day and completely forget to take any photographs until like 5pm!

Some of her recipes that I have had me dying to run into the kitchen and start cooking (although I have yet to do so because I’m pants in the kitchen) include Hearty Alphabet Soup, Baked Green Mussels and Peach and Nectarine Ice Pops.

Have I managed to wet your appetite yet? Pop over and take a look at Tiffany’s blog to find even more recipes and food inspiration.

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  1. Tiffany’s blog always leaves me hungry (in a good way). Those Ma Belle Vie series are pretty neat! It takes a lot of remembering to take all of those pictures. Usually I have to put sticky notes everywhere for me to remember anything. Her blog definitely earned its spot on the spotlight!

  2. This is such a lovely thing to do!
    If it’s okay with you I may do a similar post – such a nice way to highlight someone else’s blog, plus will definitely make someone’s day! πŸ™‚

    I’ve also nominated you for “The Versatile Award” – check out my post if you fancy taking part πŸ™‚