Blog in the Spotlight (January 2015) – Little Fickle

15th January 2015

Little Fickle

Blog in the Spotlight is back for 2015, and this month I have chosen Little Fickle.

Little Fickle is a lifestyle blog written by Sammy, but what I love most about Sammy is her honesty.

I think some bloggers shy away from talking about real life topics and try to portray their lives as picture perfect, which isn’t the case. Nobody has the perfect life. We all have to deal with issues and challenges in our lives because, well, that’s just life.

Sammy talks about very current and highly debated topics with true honesty. She discussed everything from insecurities to depression, and from the untouchable celebrities to censorship. All of these posts are truly great reads.

On of my favourite posts on Little Fickle was all about working with the public at Christmas, which can completely relate to. I think everyone needs to work in retail over Christmas at some point in their lives just to respect how difficult it is.

So, if you have a spare couple of minutes, and this type of content interests you, pop over to Little Fickle for some quality reading.

Blog in the Spotlight is a series in which I highlight my favourite blog that month. Bloggers cannot ask to be featured. It is my choice alone.

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  1. Elena

    Thank you for sharing! I like when you share blogs, because I am usually really bad at exploring new blogs by myself.

  2. Agent Q

    Interesting. I certainly appreciate bloggers who retain authenticity in their posts. That’s one of the ways bloggers can connect with readers. Thanks for sharing! I’ll check it out. πŸ˜€

  3. Nicole

    This is a nice idea. Sounds like a blog worth checking out!

  4. Sammy is so lovely, I completely agree! xo

  5. She is indeed lovely! πŸ™‚ Checking her now! πŸ˜€