Blog in the Spotlight (August) – Unfancy

11th August 2014


This month my Blog in the Spotlight is Unfancy.

I mentioned a few weeks back that I had lost a lot of my confidence when my hip condition started to deteriorate. It was particularly affecting my motivation to dress nice and buy new clothes. I hated getting dressed each day and I found it almost impossible to buy new clothes. I started buying clothes for the sake of it, and not because they looked good or made me feel good about myself.

I soon came to realise that a lot of women felt like this. I also realised that if anything was to be done about this then I would have to do it myself. It wasn’t like I would wake up one day with a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes. I knew that I had to sort out my thinking and take it one step at a time. I was going to get over my hate for clothes and clothes shopping, some how.

I then came across a website/blog called Unfancy run by Caroline who shares her technique for buying and wearing clothes. I instantly fell in love with both her style and her life with a capsule wardrobe.

Basically, a capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe that is limited to a certain number of pieces that you wear for three months. After three months you change the clothes in your wardrobe but keep the same number. It helps to simplify your clothes and makes deciding what to wear in the mornings a lot simpler. You can find more information about what a capsule wardrobe is here.

After browsing many posts on her blog I started to think to myself “I could do this.”. “I could look this good.”. Finally I had found some inspiration for dressing well and keeping it simple.

Although I am yet to create my own capsule wardrobe (the idea is still a little daunting to me) I have found plenty of ideas on this blog for mixing and matching my clothes better. Why should one item of clothing be limited to one outfit only? It shouldn’t be, and I need to learn that.

Overall, I think this system could help me save money (buying less clothes, but perhaps buying better quality), save time and save space. Because of this, I wanted to say a “thank you” to Caroline for giving me all this inspiration, and that’s why I’m making Unfancy my “Blog in the Spotlight” for August 2014.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Holly! I think I will like this. I like the idea of capsule wardrobes. Personally, I have some pieces I wear time and time again, because I love them. I often go through phases where I’ll wear a certain shirt, then I’ll fall in love with another one I own again…

    Sometimes I buy clothes for the sake of it too, or because I see a sale on. I feel tempted to buy things I don’t really need. It’s much easier to do that online too, since you don’t have to bother getting up and trying things on. At the same time, I hate shopping. It’s too much effort, and for me personally it’s about my size. I’m tiny, so shopping for anything is a pain in the backside because it’s almost guaranteed that nothing will fit.

    Also on the subject of capsule wardrobes, you might be interested in They sell micro-collections every month that are limited edition and Popbasic owned, and are designed to be basic, staple pieces for your wardrobe that will save you all the work. If you’re interested it would be cool if you could use my referral link and we’ll both get $15 🙂 I have not bought anything from there since they have sold out or I didn’t like the collections as much, but they look promising.

    I did read Unfancy though, and I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. It would take me some time to let go of some pieces, but I know there are my “hell yeah!” pieces that I love and would never get rid of and would want to wear right now, or any time… but there are some that I honestly think “meh” to. Thank you for sharing this, because I think it’s a blog that will inspire me to make some good changes to my wardrobe :)))

    • Holly

      No problem. 🙂 I know that others probably feel the same way about clothes so I thought I’d spread share helpful information.

      I took a look at and I love the concept. It’s a shame that they are all sold out at the moment.