Big #BoxOfLame September 2016

11th October 2016

Big #BoxOfLame September 2016

My goodness do I love stationery.

Honestly, one of my favourite things about the summer holidays was going shopping for new stationery ready for the new school year. And now that I’m adulting I still find excuses to buy new notebooks and pens every now and then. For instance, I just can’t be without my beloved Muji planner.

So when I found out about the Box of Lame from That Lame Company, which is full of stationery and other bits and pieces for a super reasonable price, I knew I had to purchase one.

I’ve already purchased from That Lame Company before (the to-do list notepad in the photo in this post) so I knew I loved their products, and I knew their service was great.

Sadly I was too late to the party and missed out on the spring box so I’ve been waiting patiently for next one. And fortunately I managed to get my hands on one. Actually, I believe I was the first person purchase one! Talk about being keen.

There are three boxes this time around; small, big, and blogger. I chose the Big Box of Lame, and  I thought I’d share with you exactly what I go in my box.

Note: I was going to do like a proper unboxing photo shoot but I couldn’t wait and ended up opening the box at work where I got it delivered to. I have zero willpower.

Big #BoxOfLame September 2016

Notebooks & notepads

My box contained an A5 wirebound notebook which says “Notes and Dreams, Thoughts and Schemes” on the front of it, an A5 weekly planner, which has space to jot down any goals and tasks for that week, and an A6 marble effect notepad with a very relatable quote on the front. I’m really impressed with the quality of the paper of the notepads. I’m one of those people who can’t stand crappy paper.

Also in my box, that I wasn’t expecting to see, was an A4 blogger mail planner. I think this is only suppose to be in the blogger box, but I remember That Lame Company mentioning on Twitter that anyone who bought a box on launch day would get something extra, so that must be how this ended up in my box.

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll get much use out of this as I hardly ever work with brands these days. Maybe I can pass this on to a blogging friend who might benefit from it more. I think this will be super useful for anyone who does get a lot of “blogger mail”.

Big #BoxOfLame September 2016


There were 5 A5 prints in my box. Two are rose gold foil prints and one is just gold foil. I was specifically excited for the “You had me at pizza” print and I’m planning on buying a frame so I can put this up in my kitchen.

Big #BoxOfLame September 2016

There was also a quote print with a watercolour letter effect and this amazing cactus print. This will also be framed and put up somewhere in the house because I do love plants, even if they don’t love me back and die on me. In addition there were two A6 prints with quotes on.

Big #BoxOfLame September 2016

Other bits and pieces from That Lame Company

The photograph at the top of this posts highlights some of the other items in the box produced by That Lame Company. These include recipe cards, snail mail cards, stickers for planner and a pencil that says “Make It Happen” on it, which happens to be the name of a podcast I really like.

I think the recipe cards will definitely come in handy as I have one of those recipe books where you can write your recipes in, and it also has plastic wallets inside to slot in recipe cards. And even though I’m not into the bullet journal craze (again, I’m too in love with my Muji planner), I know that I will get some use out of these stickers because, well, I love stickers!

Oh, and also, as soon as I opened my box I was greeted with sweets. What a lovely touch!

From other creatives

One of the great things about That Lame Company is that they collaborate with other small businesses, so that along with the goodies from That Lame Company you also gets some bits and pieces from other creatives.

I just think this is a lovely way to support other creatives.

Big #BoxOfLame September 2016

Inside my Box of Lame was a handwritten note explaining who created each of the additional items. The hair tie is from Emily and Angus and the phone charm (oh man, remember phone charms?! I miss having them!) is from Pop Cute Studios.  The planner stickers (which are probably my favourite because, you guessed it, I love stickers) are from Lilac and Dot, and the prints are from Dorkface and Raining Cats and Cake.


I paid £21 for the Big Box of Lame, which has free postage if you live in the UK, and honestly I think that is great value for money considering you could spend the same amount in Paperchase and get like two notebooks. I’m really impressed with the amount of stuff that was in the box, as well as the quality, and I would definitely consider buying another one. I think I would even consider buying a box as a present for someone as I can think of a few people who would love the products inside.

I think what I like best about this is that it’s not a subscription service, and they don’t bring it out monthly, so it’s not a continuous investment and you aren’t tied into any contracts (you can read about my thoughts on subscription services here).

And now that I’ve wrote about it and photographed it I can finally start using it all and go sticker crazy in my planner.

This post is NOT a collaboration/sponsored. Just sharing the love and all that. 

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  1. I’m loving your goodies from Box Of Lame! The stationery is totally not lame ;). I love the choice of font that they use on everything! The little “Kick Butt” cutout definitely makes me want to kick butt XD. It looks like you got a good amount of stuff in the stash.

    The “blog, tweet, snack, repeat” print is too cute! For what you paid, you made your money’s worth. Even more, when you’re helping out small businesses sell their goods.

    • Holly

      Far from Lame! I think they hand write on their designs which, if that is the case, is pretty amazing. I wish my handwriting looked that good. I feel like sticking the “Kick Butt” sticker on my computer at work!

      Yes, it feels so good knowing I’m supporting small businesses!

  2. I love buying stationery too. I have this stack of pretty notebooks I bought just because I loved them, with not much use to me. I loved the contents of the box. They are actually soo useful! I liked those posters too.

  3. Cat

    I still love buying stationary because I find it useful to write things down sometimes, both at work and at home. I’m amazed at how much you got at that price! I like the pattern on the Notes and Dreams notebook, and I thought the “Either way, I haven’t done this yet” line was funny 🙂 I also love the “You had me at pizza” print! I can so relate!

    The cactus print is so cute. My in-laws keep trying to convince us to get plants, but uh, I’m pretty sure they’d die on us too. Very neat that you get things from other creatives as well. I really like that cat print 🙂

    This looks like an awesome box! Even better that it’s not a subscription service, so you can pick when you want to get it!

    • Holly

      I’ve now framed that pizza print and it’s on the wall in our kitchen. I just love how fun all the products are.

      I bought a lot of plants at the weekend when I went to Ikea. I bought some cacti (I’m obsessed) and an aloe vera plant. Fingers crossed I don’t kill them.

  4. Amy

    Everything in here looks so cute! I love any sort of list paper, and I love the editorial on those ones especially. The cards are really cool too. That must have been so exciting to open!

    Omg phone charms! Can’t believe they got rid of the hole for those on phones, actually was that even what the hole was for?

    • Holly

      I’m such a fan of list paper too. I’m a bit obsessed with writing to do lists.

      I always wondered if those holes on phones were specifically for charms. Haha!

  5. Elisa

    I used to be so obsessed with stationery shopping too, back when i was still in school years (not college because my university major is all about using digital software and sketches are done with pencils only). I was never obsessed with planners but I was so crazy about pens; i love zebra and pilot pens the most and they’re so, so famous back in my school years it’s like everyone had at least one same zebra multi pen! And now, I just have a bad habit of never using any of the notebook I purchased. I don’t buy them a lot but I have one or two that are still empty because I don’t know what to use them for and i don’t wanna ruin them for random scribbles and notes, if that makes sense.

    The goodies are so adorable though, especially the prints and planner stickers! ugh I still love stickers 😛

    • Holly

      I also used to be obsessed with pens; especially smelly gel pens. Nowadays I just use a basic black biro all the time.

      Stickers are just the best, haha!

  6. Oh my, this seems like such an exciting box! Like you, I’m a sucker for pretty stationary. I have so many notebooks that I told myself that I couldn’t buy myself a new one until I use the ones that I have.

    That cactus print is amazing. I think it’s funny that you said you love plants but they don’t love you, LOL. When my husband and I first started dating, he gave me a baby cactus plant that I named Fern. Needless to say, I am now on Fern 5, haha! Fern 5 is now 3 years old so maybe there is hope for those of us that don’t have a green thumb.

    I hope you really enjoy and get some use out of your lovely new stationary =)

    • Holly

      I know the feeling. But then I see a really pretty notebook and I can’t help but buy it!

      Haha, it can be so ch alleging to look after plants. I mean, I’ve had my new Ikea ones for a week and I’ve still not watered them!

  7. Chynna

    Omg, I absolutely adore stationery. Paperchase is my favourite store, but it can be quite pricey.

    This box sounds REALLY good and would actually make a really good Christmas present, too! I really like that the notebook says “Notes and Dreams, Thoughts and Schemes” – that’s so cute. Especially love the prints, too.

    I will definitely be looking into this! I like that they support other creatives, too. Stickers are amazing – you should see my planner. All the pages are chock full of stickers, haha.

    • Holly

      I always spend a fortunate when even I go in Paperchase. I just love it so much. But it’s great to switch it up and support smaller independent businesses.

      Stickers are the best!