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7th May 2012

I’ve not had the best of days today. I appreciated having a lie in this morning with it being bank holiday. I decided to fill in more of my student finance application for university today with my mum. We got so far and then we were stuck as it said my parents were already registered with another student and so we would have to enter previous details. This other student is my brother who applied for university like 9 years ago! Of course, my parents don’t have any of the previous details any more, especially the answers to security questions. Back then, student finance wasn’t even online so they didn’t even have any security questions to set up. We got so confused. :S

We ended up ringing the helpline and a woman in the call centre took my details and is sending me the forms in the mail so I will have to fill them in by hand. Great. Anyway, we could carry on to fill in details regarding my loan. I was pretty annoyed to find out that my maintenance loan would not even cover the cost of my accommodation! And I didn’t even apply for the most expensive accommodation. :/

This is so stupid. I can’t really afford to go to university (well, not in a city) and I can’t find a job to earn some extra money over the summer. All the jobs I can find are all permanent places or more hours than I can possibly do in a week as well as go to college.

FML! I don’t know what to do. :_(

In other news, on Wednesday I went to the cinema with Tyrone to watch The Avengers Assembled in 3D. I had heard some good reviews about it so I hoped it would be up to my expectations. It was amazing! I loved how action packed it was and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I got so in to it haha! I’m desperately hoping they release a second one.

In my last post I mentioned that I was going to the study skills centre in my college to get some help with my essay writing skills for geography. Well, I had my appointment on Friday morning and it turned out to be pretty useful. I sat with two friendly women (one of whom I gave cruising advice to) who looked through my essays and helped to me recognise where I was going wrong.

I’m not going in to enough depth with my answers. I don’t explain things in enough detail. I make my point and stop there. I need to start giving better examples and linking them back to the question. They also recommended some revision guides which I have now borrowed from the library.

You may have noticed that I have added a new layout. Do you like it? I’m pretty impressed with it myself.  🙂 I still have a few things to tweak but I prefer it to the previous one. I plan on keeping this layout up for quite some time so I don’t have to waste a whole day (which I should have spent revising!!) on coding a new one.

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  1. That’s a pretty annoying situation… hopefully things work out for you. Good luck with the job search, too. I have faith in you!

    I love how they call it the Avengers Assembled over there. That movie has like three different names! I can’t wait to see it… and you just hyped it up even more.

    This new layout is fantastic. I’ve been blog hopping tonight, and this is the best one I’ve come across so far. So sleek. love it.

  2. Hi! Sorry for late reply, but thank you so much for the comment about the animation I made. I’m glad you liked it. Could of course have been better if I had known After Effects from before:P

  3. Michelle

    That does suck. I’m sure you’ll find something in the job department but that sucks about the whole school application thing.

    Yeah, The Avengers was pretty awesome! ;D I’m thinking about getting it on Bluray or whatnot when I can.

  4. Hey Holly! Awesome layout! Totally Loved!
    I hope you get a good job Holly, it seems that education in England is quite expensive… actually over here in India, it’s reasonable if only you get into the government colleges! Otherwise it’s somewhat the same… just that it’s even more difficult to get a job here…

    Did you watch Avengers? How did you find it? I’m thinking of going to watch it this week.
    And, how are you? Your exams are nearing??