An Instagram look-back

29th August 2014

Instagram 1

I saw Zoella do this type of post a while back and I loved the idea. Basically it’s a look-back at recent times through Instagram pictures. These are some of the pictures from my personal life that I don’t share on my blog.

It’s also a good way to remember what I’ve been up to this summer. This is only half of it!

  1. This letter had a return to sender option if the addressee doesn’t live at the address anymore. Genius!
  2. A legit Lego Heath Ledger Joker.
  3. Putting our pictures from Venice in an album.
  4. Chester.
  5. Sangria.
  6. Liverpool “beach”.
  7. Evening walk by the Mersey.
  8. Xolo the giant dog.
  9. Me at New Brighton.
  10. Little girl giant.
  11. Harley Quinn figure that Tyrone bought me.
  12. View of Liverpool.
  13. The Everton Tower.
  14. The custard tarts my mum bought me back from Portugal. My favourite!!
  15. Selfie with the Liver Building in the background.
  16. Lunch by the Mersey.
  17. Mango and passion fruit ice drinks from Costa.
  18. The dress I wore for the wedding I attended.
  19. The baked doughnuts I made.
  20. My most recent X-ray of my hip.

For more pictures, follow me on instagram.

What do you think of an Instagram look-back post? Would you like to give it a go on your blog?

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  1. I remembered a couple of those Instagram pictures from your posts! Your lace dress looks really pretty! I’ve been looking around for a similar dress but it hasn’t fit my criteria yet *o*. The Harley Quinn figure looks cutesy.

    Hope you’re enjoying your time off~

    • Holly

      This dress was a perfect fit for me. I was so lucky because I ordered it online and I was worried that it wouldn’t be right. I’m sure you will find the perfect one for you soon. πŸ™‚

  2. Cat

    I remember these photos! I think it can be fun to gather previous photos and look back πŸ™‚ A lot of my blog readers also follow my Instagram though, so I wonder if it’d be repetitive to people, haha.