Welcome to Empfire; my little slice of the internet where I write about my life, and reflect upon the lessons I learn as I stumble my way through adulthood.

I’m Holly, I’m 24 and I consider myself a veteran of the blogging game. Like many others, I started building websites and playing around with code on Piczo. Roll on 10 years and I’m now a freelance web developer.

I originate from Shropshire (UK) and moved to Liverpool when I was 18 to study geography at university. Yep, geography. Completely useful for my coding career…

…but I nailed it and got a 1st!

I now live on the other side of the Mersey to Liverpool, but I still call the city home. I live with my boyfriend of 8 years, Tyrone, and we’re probably the most introverted couple you’ll ever meet. You’ll typically find us snuggled up on the sofa, binge watching a box set and eating our own body weight in cheese.

Travel is my greatest passion in life. I’m a sucker for beautiful architecture in European cities, and I have a massive soft-spot for New York. I’m also a huge music enthusiast despite not being musically gifted myself. I’m all about classic rock with my favourite band being The Who.

I also love collecting vinyl records and anything with Harley Quinn on, yoga, photography and walks along the beach. However, I tend to invest more on experiences than on physical goods.

Writing this blog is my hobby. I don’t have a “niche” and I don’t really care about statistics or making money from blogging. The name “Empfire” is a combination of the names of two Kasabian songs; Empire and Fire.

Regular features

Just to give you a heads up, here are some of the regular features you’ll find on the blog.

The Weekend Blog

Chatty, personal blog posts published on a Saturday or Sunday where I ramble on about my week and weekend.

Little Victories

A monthly feature where I celebrate the little things that make life great, no matter how small.

My thoughts on blogging…

Discussing various topics related to blogging and giving my very honest opinions!

Travel Diary

Documenting my travels in a diary format, with stories, photograph and tips.

Internet Throwbacks

Cringing over embarrassing things I did online during my teenage years.