A students point of view

12th October 2012

Here is a quick list of things that I have learned since becoming a university student:

  • The vast majority of university students are not mature. Their mental age is around 10 on average.
  • Student accommodation is noisy and sleep at night is impossible. Sleeping in the day is much more suitable.

  • The people in the flat above me only have 3 songs in their iTunes library. One of which is Gangnam Style.
  • Not all students like clubbing. There are a rare few that like going to pubs and socialising (i.e. my flat mates).
  • Living in a city is brilliant!
  • Doing a food shop without a car to get it back to the flat is hard work.
  • I hate statistics more than I first thought.
  • Some people don’t understand why hoovering at 7am is not socially expectable.
  • I have learned next to nothing new about geography.

And that is my general overview of life as a student. You might be able to tell from this that I would like to move out of student accommodation for the 2nd year and share a flat with someone. Preferably as far away from students as possible.

I can understand that people like going out and partying. Why would I have anything against that? But I do not appreciate people loitering outside my bedroom window at 3am when I have to be up at 7am for a lecture at 9am. Ah, the disadvantages of having a flat on the ground floor. Let me tell you, there are more disadvantages than advantages!

Today I had an afternoon nap for an hour and a half. I hoped it would revitalise me and I think it has done the job. Before this, I had a lecture on climate change (again!), I went food shopping in town, I cleaned my bathroom and ate left over pizza from the take away last night. We have found a brilliant pizza take away that has great offers for students. Basically, more food than I could possibly eat in one night for Β£3.80. πŸ™‚

I’m grateful to see the weekend. It’s been a busy week. On Tuesday I had a field trip to Snowdonia; a national park in Wales. Knowing that the area was mountainous, I told my lecturer about my problem with my hip and how I might struggle with the hills. My lecturer told me it would be a flat pathway that would not be too strenuous. Clearly we have different definitions for the word strenuous. :S

Firstly we walked for a good 45 minutes; something I struggle to do on a normal day to day basis in the city centre. It was quite up and down but I managed to cope (and my walking shoes didn’t rub my feet!). Once we got to the part of the valley where we would be carrying out our research, we were told that we would have to climb up a certain hill.

“Everyone to the top of the hill.” One of my lecturers said as he ran off up the hill and as I stood there with my jaw hanging in shock. The best way to describe the climb up the hill is…vertical. There was no path, just wet grass. My legs weren’t made for climbing. If I was meant to do stuff like that, nature would have been kind to me and given me a hip socket.

I am also glad that it’s the weekend because Tyrone is coming to stay for two nights. πŸ˜€ I’m so excited about seeing him. We are going to go shopping tomorrow and perhaps to one of the museums on Sunday, and I am going to cook for him tomorrow night. Real cooking. Not frozen oven food or microwave meals. I’m going to attempt to make non-meat meatballs with pasta and a tomato sauce. If it all goes well you may even get to see a picture. πŸ˜›

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  1. I’ve really come to enjoy reading your blogs! Cuz you’re a new uni student too, we have a few things in common! :L

    I’m applying to be an RA next year for the halls, I hope I get it, so that I can tell every body to shut up at a reasonable time of night! The main issue I have with all their partying ways is that I have to get up super early for work, and they storm up and down my hall way. Eek.

    If I don’t become an RA, I’m going to go flatting, while living in the halls is so much better because if need be, I can roll out of bed and head to class, going flatting would be cheaper and I’d get more sleep!

    I’ve learnt it’s almost as hard to sleep during the day as it is at night, I live in the same hall as my RA, and everyone is friends with him, and they always come running around to see him. So I’ve taken to staying at my partners house on the weekends when I have work early!

    I’m usually not great with long walks! I get so tired out so easily going up hills, I’m rather un-fit, even though I’ve been gyming for around 2-months, I still get puffed out going on long walks!

    Have fun with Tyrone! I haven’t been following your blog for too long, but I assume that’s your boyfriend? I used to get so excited when I lived far away from my partner, and he’d come over to stay! Enjoy!~

  2. Cat

    I had the same problem with noise when I was staying in the dorms. I don’t understand why some people have to play their music so loud when the walls are thin. Haven’t they heard of headphones?! I hope you’ll be able to move out next year though!

    Oof, that sucks about the hill. I wonder if the lecturer forgot that was there πŸ™

    I hope you’re having a good weekend with Tyrone!

  3. Jojo

    Most students are immature because it’s their first time away from home and they just run wild. I was 21 by the time I went to university and being surrounded by 18 year olds was not pleasant. Anyway hope things are quieter when you get your own flat πŸ™‚

    That’s so mean of your lecturer to not consider your needs when visiting the hills! Hope you coped alright in the end.

  4. Shiri

    Yeah I mean when I was a small child I thought everyone in high school seemed “so grown up” and then those at Universities were TOTALLY adults. But right now, as a recent Uni post-grad I don’t feel like an adult at all πŸ˜› But I’m sure I’m more mature than freshmen. ahem.