5 great Christmas presents I received as a child

4th December 2014

The best Christmas presents

No, this is not my December wish list, nor a gift guide. πŸ˜›

I was recently thinking about Christmas presents that I had received in the past and it got me feeling all nostalgic. Some toys stood out to me as my absolute favourites, but I’m pretty sure I had many more amazing gifts as a child that I simply can’t remember. Perhaps when I go home for Christmas I can dig out some of the old photographs to remind me.

Here’s a list of 5 of best presents I received as a child.

1. Animal Hospital everything

I don’t know about you but Animal Hospital seems kind of tainted now, what with Rolf Harris and all that. Enough about that though!

I received so many Animal Hospital toys for Christmas over the years. I’d never actually play with it like a hospital though. I’d put the human toys to one side and pretend it was an animal hotel with helicopter rides and all that. I had such an imagination.

2. Nintendo DS

The original and the best. Actually, not really the best considering it broke about a month after Christmas. My mum took it back to Woolworths and they could only replace it with a pink one. I was DEVASTATED!

I still have my pink DS but I find it highly frustrating that I need to upgrade to a 3DS to play the new Animal Crossing.

3. Playmobil Airport

Like Animal Hospital toys I had a lot of Playmobil over the years. My first major set was the Playmobil airport, which I guess isn’t your typical choice for a young girl, but I chose it over the fairy tale castle and other overly pink sets. I guess I’ve always loved travelling.

4. Fisher Price kitchen

Having my birthday so close to Christmas means that I can’t remember what presents I received for Christmas and what I received for my birthday. However, I’m confident that this play kitchen was a Christmas present.

I loved pretending to cook, and often pretended to run a cafe. It’s a hilarious to look back at it now as I hardly spend any time in our kitchen!

5. Sesame Street camper van

I have no idea why I remember this toy so well. Googling it to find an image was the first time I’ve seen it in about 15 years and I feel so nostalgic. I don’t ever remember watching Sesame Street as a child but perhaps it was the bright colours that attracted me to the toy in the first place. I just loved it!

What was the best Christmas present you received as a child?

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  1. elena

    What a fun post. This makes me really nostalgic! I am actually wishing for a Nintendo 3ds for Christmas haha.
    My Brother always used to get playmobile and lego and many of my friends had the “kitchen”, and I remember I loved playing with it.

  2. Kya

    That is so cool to look back at what toys meant a lot to you as a kid. πŸ˜€

    I absolutely loved my Tamagotchi, Sky Dancer, Polly Pockets and Captain Planet toys! I also had a child sized pretend washing machine that I made ‘mud pies’ in…. Ooops.

  3. Animal Hospital!
    Ohhhh the memories, and Sylvanian Families!

  4. Cat

    This is a fun post and makes me want to look back to see what I got as a kid πŸ™‚ My most memorable gifts as a kid were probably Barbies and video games. I remember the Christmas we got a N64, and that was soooo exciting.

    It is kind of annoying how there’s always new versions of the handhelds (I already have 2 3DSes and will probably get the “new” one later). On the plus side, the 3DS is backwards compatible if the DS ever breaks again πŸ™‚