3 tips for dealing with itchy hair

2nd October 2014

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When I moved to Liverpool I started having issues with my hair being itchy. It took me a while to work out the cause of the itchiness; almost a year in fact.

It was only when Tyrone started experiencing the same problem that we figured out that it must be related to the water. Perhaps it’s our water tank. Perhaps it’s just the water in Liverpool. Either way, we aren’t use to it.

Over the last year I have discovered some of the ways in which you can deal with itchy hair and damaged scalps (for all that scratching) and today I’m going to share them with you. Suffer no more!

Try a different shampoo

Could it be the shampoo that is causing you problems?

For me, changing the shampoo I used made some difference. Firstly I used a medicated shampoo, and this seemed to deal with the sores on my scalp caused by the over itching. I also tried a scalp repair shampoo by TRESemmé which helped to take care of my damaged scalp too.

Try a deep conditioner

Ah, the advantages of having  a trained hair dresser for a mum. She suggested that I give my hair a deep conditioning to try and help with the itching.

Use a good quality conditioner and apply to freshly washed hair. Apply to all of the hair, not just the ends, and massage into the scalp. Leave it on the hair for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing with water.

Wash your hair with cold water

While it may not be the most pleasant experience in the world, washing my hair with cold water (and I mean as cold as the tap will go) solved my problem straight away. My hair stopped itching, and in fact the coldness of the water was quite soothing on my damaged scalp.

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  1. I dealt with dandruff and an itchy scalp for the better part of my school years, but I found that changing shampoo often didn’t help at all. In fact, I skip the shampoo and use conditioner – sometimes called the “no poo” method for obvious reasons. Most shampoo has SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) which fries out the scalp. Conditioner still has a cleansing effect and leaves your hair soft and your scalp not so itchy 🙂

    Doesn’t work for everyone, but works for most people if you wash it out thoroughly 😀

    • Holly

      I have never washed my hair without shampoo (apart from accidentally) but if it helps to stop the itching then I would be willing to give it a go. 🙂

  2. I actually showering without the heater on because I feel fresher afterwards. I have problems with itchy scalp too but I think that’s just because of the heat (i live in a tropical country) lol. Tressemme is a product alot of my friends recommend too, but I stick with my conditioner because I’m used to it and when I tried using other products before, it left my hair in a mess.

  3. Jamie

    I think we’ve all dealt with dandruff in some point of our lives. However, that sounds scary moving to a new city or country and not knowing what’s causing you to itch. May I suggest something? This may be a bit hard to do, but I suggest if you have to scratch, use your tips of your fingernails. Don’t use the nails. The nails tears away at your skin. I did not know this until my boyfriend told me. I was shocked. Thank you for these treatments, if I ever have itchy hair, I will look into a new shampoo/conditioner.

    RE: I never got the opportunity to play an instrument when I was younger. My school would never offer the instruments that I wanted to play, or I just wasn’t interested in it at the time. However, my sister was offered violin lessons (lucky s.o.b.) at her school. I finally woke up and realized that I wanted to play the piano, the only thing was, we didn’t have one that I could play on. We did, but it was my step-mother’s. I would have to ask permission to play on it. I only got to take piano lessons at a community college one semester. Of course, I didn’t pass it as I was stupid at the time and didn’t think much of it.

    • Holly

      That’s a great tip, and I think when I scratched my hair with my nails it made things much worse. I used to bite my nails incredibly short so when I stopped and my nails started growing I wasn’t aware of how much damage I was causing when I used them to scratch my scalp.

  4. Chynna

    Itchy hair is the WORST.

    I started using hair oil and it definitely soothes my hair. Especially when I leave it in over night. I also don’t wash my hair as much as I used to because I found washing my hair too often, really dries out my hair.

    I also use leave in conditioner 😀

    • Holly

      I’ve never tried hair oil before but I’d love to give it a try. Yeah, I try to avoid washing my hair on days when I’m not leaving the flat. Over washing also makes my hair colour fade quicker (because I dye it like mad!). Actually, dying it probably doesn’t help with the itching issue, haha!

  5. What fabulous tips! I never knew that washing my hair with cold water would help! Thanks so much for the info!

    http://www.winnipegstyle.ca 😉

  6. Cat

    That’s interesting that the cold water solved your problem right away! I used to have itchy scalp problems, so I tried dandruff shampoo and that helped some. This seems kind of silly on my part, but at some point, I realized I probably wasn’t washing my scalp well enough and wasn’t really scrubbing down to it. Once I fixed that, it stopped itching so often. I probably should have figured that out earlier, haha.

    • Holly

      I also found that I wasn’t washing my scalp well enough. In the end my mum taught me how to do it so it feels like you’re giving yourself a head massage!

  7. Melissa

    Love those tips! I had itchy hair not so long ago but when I started to use the Rituals shampoo it luckily went away! 🙂

  8. I hate it when my head gets itchy! It’s mostly due to dryness or I haven’t washed it for more than 2 days (or something like that) *_*. But it can also be due to the shampoo you use! It might be the allergies. I’ve used Tresemme before and it was better than Prell and those “lower” brands. And yes! Using cold water helps because it doesn’t leave your scalp drying out as fast. As good as hot water feels, it leaves your skin dry :I.

    • Holly

      I think it’s going to be tough washing my hair through the winter with cold water but it’s worth it!