After our two days in St Petersburg, we sailed to Helsinki; the capital of Finland.

As we docked quite far out of Helsinki, we had to take a shuttle bus into the city centre. We decided to take the day quite slowly after our busy two days in Russia.

I have to admit, we were feeling pretty flat after our first day in Russia. I really wasn’t looking forward to our second day there, and of course Tyrone was dreading the lunch situation happening again. We made sure we picked up some cookies on the boat just in case.

On our second day we had a different tour guide and she seemed to be a lot more understanding of Tyrone’s dietary requirements. She also turned out to be an amazing tour guide and had a real talent for making Russian history more understandable!

Russia has never been somewhere I have wanted to visit. We hear so much about it in the media these days, and it’s never good news.

But that’s one of the great things about going on a cruise; you get to visit places that you never imagined you would visit!

We were docked in St Petersburg for two days and on both days we went on full-day excursions. I was going to write one big post about our time in Russia but it was getting to be a bit too long so I’ve decided to split it into two separate posts.