I really hope you’ve been enjoying this travel series so far! If you missed the previous two posts, you can catch up with day 1 here, and day 2 here.

Here is day 3. Central Park, Museum of Sex and even more walking!

Central Park

After the rain we had the day before, we were pleasantly surprised to wake up to sunshine. Perfect weather for exploring Central Park.

So much for the whole “I’m going to publish a post about my trip to New York every Tuesday.” thing.

Yes, sorry for the delay in getting this post to you but I’ve been really busy recently, and my internet connection has been absolutely awful. Our street doesn’t have fibre at the moment, but they’re currently installing it and it’s so temperamental.

Anyway, if you missed day 1 of my New York Travel Diary series, I recommend you read it before reading this one. You can catch up here.

Oh September, you were an interesting month.

It began in New York. We spent the first day of the month walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, eating World famous pizza and riding the Staten Island Ferry to see Lady Liberty. I was the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

Then we came home and everything kind of went down hill from there.