6 years ago this month I discovered that I had enough money in my bank account to finally buy my own domain. And I purchased

The rest is history!

I thought I’d celebrating the 6th anniversary of Empfire with a little giveaway considering I’ve been promising one since 2014. I was going to do a giveaway last year for the 5th anniversary, but to be completely honest, I totally forgot. You’ll have to forgive me; this time last year I’d just moved into my house and life was as little hectic!

I don’t know, February wasn’t great for me. I’m happy to see the back of it and to move onwards and upwards.

Anyway, this series is all about positivity, so let’s crack on with this month’s Little Victories. It’s going to be short and sweet!

Tyrone have been in a relationship for over 7 years, but apparently we are both still single.

Yes. Allow me to explain.

I don’t know if it’s the same in other countries but in the UK you sometimes have to declare your relationship status on forms. The options are usually (like 99% of the time) as follows: