July wish list

14th July 2014

July Wish List

The monthly wish list is going to be a new series here at empfire. Each month I will pick out some products that I am currently pining for, and so I’ll add them to my wish list. No doubt, some of the products will be out of my price range but it’s okay to dream. :)

1. Big Spoon Little Spoon pillowcases – while these are a little overpriced for what they are, I think they’d be easy to make yourself using iron on paper and plain pillowcases.

2. Mini sewing machine

3. Armani Code Luna (or just normal Armani Code) – it’s my favourite perfume but I’ve recently ran out!

4. Star Wars Vans – another pair of shoes I’d buy but never wear.

5. Forever 21 dress

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  1. Elena

    The sewing machine is so cute! And I love the dress. I hope you get to treat yourself with one of these things at least :P

  2. Cat

    haha, the big/little spoon pillows are funny! Like you said though, you could probably make them for less :) I like the color of the mini sewing machine too. Sewing machines are so handy to have. When I’m not making costumes, I’m using mine to repair clothing.

    Love the shoes! I want to buy a pair now! The dress looks pretty too. I hope you’ll be able to get some of these! I also like the idea of posting a wishlist each month :)

    • Holly

      John Lewis have this sewing machine in so many pretty colours that it’s hard to choose! But I do like this minty colour.

  3. You could even make the big spoon/little spoon pillowcases with your own writing and a fabric marker. I remember making homemade Senior Class shirts for Senior Skip Day, haha. As for the sewing machine– yes! You could learn how to make your own clothes and other things.

    I know my mum complains about when I go shop-crazy, but I can’t help it haha. It’s why I’m trying to not online shop as much, but hopefully you get the dress soon!

    • Holly

      Aww that’s a great idea! With it being my own handwriting it would be so much more personal. :) Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Loveee the wish list, especially that adorable sewing machine. Haha! I don’t even know how to sew (gotta learn!) but I’ve always wanted a sewing machine so that I could sew! That dress is really cute too. :)

    • Holly

      I learnt to sewing using a sewing machine years ago so it would be a miracle if I could remember how!

      I think I’m going to put it on my Christmas list.