When I first started writing a blog, I didn’t actually realise I was writing a blog. I was an avid user of Piczo at the time, and I mainly used my site to showcase my “graphic design” skills.

But then one day I added a text box to the home page of my Piczo site, typed out the date, and then proceeded to write about what I had got up to that particular day. In fact I probably wrote about going to see The Dark Knight at the cinema because, let’s face it, that’s all I did in the summer of 2008. This was my very first blog post, even if I didn’t know it at the time.

My last Weekend Blog post was titled “A tough couple of weeks“. I feel the need to extend this to “A tough month”.

Let me take you back to last week. I went back to work on the Tuesday, after being off on Bank Holiday Monday, and by lunch time I was back at home. I don’t know what happened. I felt so overwhelmed with sadness that I couldn’t stop crying at work. I wasn’t getting any work done in the mood I was in, so I ended up going home and taking the rest of the week off.

You may have noticed I didn’t share a Little Victories blog post for March or for April. Well, this was because March and April weren’t particularly great for me. I struggled to think of a single positive thing to write about.

To be honest, May was a pretty awful month as well with the passing of my nan. However, I am determined to keep this series going because I love it, and know reflecting on the little things in life can really help me with my mental health.

And when I sat down and started to think about the positive things that had happened last month, I was surprised at how many good things happened.