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An acne update

My Liverpool food and drink bucket list (+ some recommendations)

Since I moved to Liverpool 4 (!!!) years ago, the food scene in the city seems to have grown and vastly improved. Originally if I wanted to eat out I would head to the docks or to the top of Liverpool One (*shudders*) to eat at one of the many chain restaurants on offer.

Liverpool: it's better than you might think

It’s 2016 yet some (uneducated) people still think Liverpool is the scummy city portrayed in Harry Enfields’s Scousers sketch. It still seems to have a bad reputation which does not reflect the true identity of the city and its people at all.

Even when I decided to move to Liverpool in 2012 I still received comments from people like “Why would you want to move there? It’s so rough.”.

I often find myself defending the city I love so much, telling people that they should pay a visit sometime and see for themselves just what I mean.

MCM Comic Con Liverpool 2016

Last weekend I attended MCM Comic Con Liverpool; the first MCM Comic Con to be held in Liverpool and also my very first Comic Con.

When I bought my weekend priority tickets back in November I was incredibly excited and I waited patiently for the list of guests to be revealed. Honestly, I was quite disappoint with the number and variety of guests who attended. I really would have thought Liverpool’s first Comic Con would have attracted more interest from celebrities. And none of them were actually comic related.

I guess it’s like buying tickets for Glastonbury Festival. You don’t know who will be performing when you buy your tickets but you can still have a good time regardless. And I did have a good time.