My favourite podcasts to listen to

I remember the very early days of podcasts and how different they were back then to what they are today. I subscribed to podcasts from my favourite TV comedy shows or radio shows, but really they were just snippets of the recordings bundled together to make a smaller version of the show that you could listen to on the go. Eventually I got bored of the podcasts I listened to, so I unsubscribed and kind of forgot about their existence.

Phoenix Nights Live (review)

Phoenix Nights Live Review

I’ve decided to wait until after Phoenix Night Live had completely finished to write a review in order to not ruin the surprise for anyone going. And given that Peter Kay has said there will be no more dates, no tour and no DVD, I feel I can openly talk about it here.

If you never watch Phoenix Nights before, start here. Basically, it’s a comedy series set in a very British working men’s club and tells the story of the characters who work there.

A review of 2014 entertainment

Joe Blogs got in touch with me about a competition that Currys were running in which you can win yourself a load of Amazon Kindle goodies. It basically involves talking about your favourite films/TV shows/books in 2014.

I wanted to share this competition with you all while participating myself, and as I am about to start a series of “A review of 2014” posts I though this would tie in nicely. If you are interested in getting involved all the details are here. I’m not getting paid to advertise this competition or anything; I just thought you guys might like to win some stuff too. 🙂