22nd September 2016

Goodbye, Netflix - unsubscribing and saving money

It wasn’t until the beginning of September that I signed up for a Netflix account. Tyrone used to have one, but eventually cancelled his subscription and got Amazon Prime.

But then I decided to jump on the Stranger Things bandwagon and I wanted to watch the latest series of Orange is the New Black. So knowing that I would qualify for a month of free usage as new customer, I joined.

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20th September 2016

Learning to drive

As I’ve already mentioned, last Monday I passed my driving test!

So I thought I would reminisce a little about my journey to driving, as it were, because let’s be honest, it wasn’t exactly straight forward.

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17th September 2016

The Weekend Blog | I passed!


I kind of took an unplanned break from blogging for a few weeks, and although it wasn’t planned I realised it’s exactly what I needed.

But I’m back, and I’ve got good news.

On Monday I passed my driving test! 

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