23rd October 2016

The Weekend Blog | The heating is on!

We finally decided to bite the bullet and put the central heating on this week, which means it’s officially winter as far as I’m concerned.

And, as expected, my mental health hasn’t been great this week. I think it’s partially because of the cold, dark days but also because I’ve been quite stressed at work with an approaching deadline, but you know what, I’m doing okay.

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18th October 2016

Missed opportunities & saying

A couple of years ago I passed on an incredible opportunity due to health reasons.

It was so hard for me to say no to, and equally as hard to have to justify my decision to others when they asked me why I’d turned it down.

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16th October 2016

The Weekend Blog | Promotion

Before we begin, I thought it was worth mentioning that this is my 400th blog post!

And I know there is some of you out there who have been reading from day one, so thank you sticking around for 400 posts!

Fortunately my 400th post features some good news…

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