It’s no secret that I suffer with my mental health. More specifically, I suffer from anxiety and depression.

Back in 2016 I decided to do something about it, and I spoke to my GP about my options. I decided to give therapy a go rather than jumping straight into taking medication.

Last month, I launched a brand new website: HollyPryce.com

HollyPryce.com is a sort of “hub” for my freelance web development work. It’s where I promote my web development services and eventually it will be where I sell pre-made WordPress themes, but right now I’m still working on that one!

I was really surprised when I looked at my calendar this week and realised that it was the end of February. This month has has flown by, and I really don’t feel like I’ve achieved much. Still, there’s always next month.

For me, February was all about the Winter Olympics for me. I’ve always enjoyed watching winter sports, particularly curling and skeleton. So I definitely made the most of the flexibility that comes with working from home and spent a lot of time on the sofa with my laptop, watching the Olympics. Well, it’s only on every 4 years!