8th December 2016

Christmas baking | Winter Rocky Road Bites

Baking has become a part of my Sunday routine, and I feel at least 40 years old admitting this. But it’s fun and relaxing, and always results in sweet treat goodness.

Today I’ve got a super simple and quick recipe to share with you. It can be made and ready to eat in less than half an hour, and it looks and tastes very festive.

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6th December 2016

Little Victories | November 2016

During my blogging break I spent some time thinking of new series I could start on the blog; in particular a series that would be all about positivity and celebrating the little things in life.

And so the idea of Little Victories was born. It’s going to be a monthly series where at the beginning of each new month I share with you and celebrate the victories from the previous month. I will try to focus on the small victories that we often over look but that make life just that little bit better.

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1st December 2016

I took a little break

You may have noticed I’ve been a little absent from the blog recently.

In fact, I took the whole month of November off blogging, and it felt a little weird because I haven’t spent that much time away from the blog since early 2014 when I started blogging more frequently.

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