25th August 2016

What to expect from a Victoria's Secret bra fitting

Okay, let’s talk about boobs!

For a lot of people, having a bra fitting is a daunting experience. If you’ve never had one before then you don’t know what to expect, right?

I’ve had a few bra fittings now and I can tell you that it’s not as scary as it might seem. And that’s coming from someone who has had a lot of body confidence issues in the past.

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23rd August 2016

My Liverpool food and drink bucket list (+ some recommendations)

Since I moved to Liverpool 4 (!!!) years ago, the food scene in the city seems to have grown and vastly improved. Originally if I wanted to eat out I would head to the docks or to the top of Liverpool One (*shudders*) to eat at one of the many chain restaurants on offer.

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21st August 2016

The Weekend Blog | Off to Norway

I actually don’t know where this week has gone. I’ve been so productive at work and so the days have flown by.

But apart from work I haven’t really been up to anything exciting this week.

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